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The Holy War ~ René Daumal

Extracts from The Holy War. Full piece available here ~ I am going to write a poem about war. Perhaps it will not be a real poem, but it will be about a real war. What I am going to make

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Alchemy, Saturn, Melancholy and Music Saturn as Father Time The melancholy humour when it is stirred up, burns and stirs up a madness conducing to knowledge and divination, especially if it is helped by any celestial influx, particularly of Saturn … By melancholy, says Aristotle, some men

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Jungian Psychology and Alchemy

(painting by Jung) Quotes BY Jung….from ”Psychology and Alchemy” “When the alchemist speaks of Mercurius, on the face of it he means quicksilver (mercury), but inwardly he means the world-creating spirit concealed or imprisoned in matter. The dragon is probably

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Ardhanarishwara and Alchemy

Ardhanarisvara and alchemy: union of male and female, of Shiva and Shakti excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas             For one to arrive at the empty core from which all existence radiates, the alchemical union

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The Hierophant and Alchemy

“I behooveth him who would enter into this art and secret wisdom to repel the vice of arrogancy from him, and to become virtuous and honest and profound in reason, courteous unto men, merry and pleasant of countenance, patient and

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A Commentary on the Rosarium philosophorum by Adam McClean

Edited Extracts from an Article found here ~ Rosarium Philosophorum ~ Published in 1550 ~ The text is based around the interpretation of 20 esoteric woodcut illustrations. The text constantly shifts between physical alchemy, statements about experiments with substance, and the

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The Sacred Art of Alchemy by Paul Levy

Edited Extracts from a lovely article found here ~ “I had very soon seen that analytical psychology coincided in a most curious way with alchemy. The experiences of the alchemists, were, in a sense, my experiences, and their world was my

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The ”Four Stage” Version by Nigel Hamilton

Nigel Hamilton is a UK based Sufi teacher of long standing. This is the introduction  and summary of Four Stage version of transformation as contained in a PDF foundhere ~ Understanding Transmutation as the Basis of Alchemy. Alchemy is best known

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The Shadow/Alchemy

”He who wants to get insight and enlightenment in all truth, think of God’s birth in himself, in the depth of his soul.” ~ Meister Eckhart This is my own musing on this…so not authoritative. The lead is those shadow

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Daniel Matt ~ Zohar and Kabbalah

At around 30  minutes in (maybe a  bit less) there is a beautiful reading from the Zohar which he asks to close the eyes to hear…. The last 20 minutes or so is inaudible questions and answers, but on the

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Introducing the Fool

The Fool is variously considered the first card or the last card of the Major Arcana, thus is either numbered 0 or 22. The Fool is both really, that one before and after the Journey, who finds it comes back

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U.G. Krishnamurti ~ The Mystique of Enlightenment

His writings available to download at ~ My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my

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Tesla and Vedic Philosophy

Source ~ Tesla and Ancient Vedic Philosophy and the Properties of Space ”We’ve seen a very interesting trend (especially within the past decade) of modern-day science catching up to an ancient understanding about the true nature of reality, its make-up,

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”The mandorla is an ancient Christian symbol of two circles coming together,  overlapping one another to form an almond shape in the middle.  The circles may represent spirit and matter, or heaven and earth. In the middle is a place

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The Rosicrucian Tarot ~ Mark Stavish

Article Copied from The Rosicrucian Tarot By Mark Stavish, M.A. For centuries tarot cards have mystified and instructed students of mysticism. Yet, the actual history of this deck of cards called `tarot’, after the Italian playing cards tarocci, is often

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A Kabbalistic View of The Chakras

Source ~ (Kenton is the wife of the guy I mentioned before …Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi. Her placement of the chakras does not  coincide with other articles I have read. So, I guess it is open for debate….) (Jane Adams

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On Light ~ Tau Malachi

From  contribution on October 21st 2014 to Extracts ~ ”I’m quite struck by the insight of the implication of action or work for the discovery and revelation of the light hidden within creatures and creation. A few thoughts come to

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Are Gnostics World Haters? ~ Miguel Conners

Article Source ~ Extracts ~ (William Blake) The Classic Gnostics being “world-haters” was a common polemic dispensed by their many foes throughout history. The label has been so successful that many modern Gnostics manufacture apologetics placing the Gnostics on some

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The Pneumatic ~ Frithjof Schuon

”For the pneumatic the centre is The Pure Intellect ~ not the empirical ego; The psychic, on the other hand, Knows only himself as the centre of knowledge. ..” ~ Poem by Frithjof Schuon. An interesting idea I came across.

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The Heart and The Cave; The Mountain and The Cave ~ Rene Guenon

Edited Extracts from and from I am putting it here because I find the interpretation of the symbolism interesting. (Explanatory notes in parenthesis are mine.) The close relationship between the symbolisms of the cave and the heart explains the function of

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