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Be Nobody’s Darling ~ Alice Walker

Be nobody’s darling;  Be an outcast. Take the contradictions Of your life And wrap around You like a shawl, To parry stones To keep you warm. Watch the people succumb To madness With ample cheer;  Let them look askance at

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‘Deviant and Proud’ ~ George Monbiot

The full text of an article written some time ago by George Monbiot Source ~ Do you feel left out? Perhaps it’s because you refuse to succumb to the competition, envy and fear neoliberalism breeds By George Monbiot, published

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The New Feudalism

In the last few decades there has been an enormous redistribution of wealth globally. Fewer than 85 people own half the world’s wealth. There is another slightly larger stratum below them who own most of what is left, and the

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Morphic Fields and Social Change

New systems should show an increasing tendency to come into being the more often they are repeated. They should become increasingly probable; they should happen more easily as time goes on. For example, when a new chemical compound is synthesized

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Basic Income

  Basic Income is a form of redistribution of wealth along egalitarian principles. The concept, though older, was outlined in the 18th century in the philosophy of Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers of America, who believed that Inheritance

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Spain Turns Left

Spain Turns Left. With all the fear-mongering about the rise of the right in Europe, it is interesting to see that the people of Southern Europe are turning to the left to combat the rise of global corporatism. It is

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