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We Had Each Other for A Long and Too Short A Time ~ Clarissa Pinkolo Estes

I know you’re going to your new love, I see your old white knapsack leaning at the door… your waiting lasso and your saddle outside, and I know, you’ve decided with finality, not to stay with me, not even one

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The Half Finished Heaven ~ Tomas Transtromer

The Half-Finished Heaven Despondency breaks off its course. Anguish breaks off its course. The vulture breaks off its flight. . The eager light streams out, even the ghosts take a draught. . And our paintings see daylight, our red beasts

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The Self Forgets Itself

The self forgets itself as a frantic dog in a glass temple barks himself to death; as a lion, seeing a form in the well, leaps on the image; as a rutting elephant sticks his tusk in a crystal boulder.

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The Answer ~ Robinson Jeffers

The Answer Then what is the answer?- Not to be deluded by dreams. To know that great civilizations have broken down into violence, and their tyrants come, many times before. When open violence appears, to avoid it with honor or

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I sense there is this mystery ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I sense there is this mystery: All life is being lived. Who is living it, then? Is it the things themselves, or something waiting inside them, like an unplayed melody in a flute? Is it the winds blowing over the

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The Universe (Embryo in the Womb) ~ Rumi

What if someone said to an embryo in the womb, ‘Outside of your world of black nothing is a miraculously ordered universe; a vast Earth covered with tasty food; mountains, oceans and plains, fragrant orchards and fields full of crops;

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The Laughing Heart ~ Charles Bukowski

your life is your life don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. be on the watch. there are ways out. there is a light somewhere. it may not be much light but it beats the darkness. be on the

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Song of the Builders ~ Mary Oliver

Song of the Builders On a summer morning I sat down on a hillside to think about God – a worthy pastime. Near me, I saw a single cricket; it was moving the grains of the hillside this way and

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Kindness ~ Naomi Shihab Nye

“Before you know what kindness really is you must lose things, feel the future dissolve in a moment like salt in a weakened broth. What you held in your hand, what you counted and carefully saved, all this must go

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The Prisoners of the Tower ~ Patrick Galvin

I can see them now  Prisoners of the tower  Their faces blind From centuries of barbed wire. If you are guilty You know you are guilty If you are innocent You would not be here. You are here Therefore .

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Via Negativa ~ RS Thomas

Via Negativa Why no! I never thought other than That God is that great absence In our lives, the empty silence Within, the place where we go Seeking, not in hope to Arrive or find. He keeps the interstices In

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The Avatar ~ Kerry Hardie

The Avatar by Kerry Hardie Listen, this is the trinity, he said, tramping the wet road in the thin well-being of winter morning: God the curlew, God the eider, God the cheese-on-toast. To his right a huddle of small blue mountains

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The People of the Other Village ~ Thomas Lux

The People of the Other Village…. hate the people of this village and would nail our hats to our heads for refusing in their presence to remove them or staple our hands to our foreheads for refusing to salute them

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Hymn of the Pearl

The Hymn of the Pearl is a passage of the apocryphal Acts of Thomas. When I was a little child, and dwelling in my kingdom, in my father’s house, and was content with the wealth and the luxuries of my nourishers,

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Song For Nobody ~ Thomas Merton

A yellow flower (Light and spirit) Sings by itself For nobody. A golden spirit (Light and emptiness) Sings without a word By itself. Let no one touch this gentle sun In whose dark eye Someone is awake. (No light, no

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a couple of poems by e.e. cummings

i thank You God for this most amazing day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes (i who have died am alive

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Agnes Torok ~ Tell Us We Are Worthless

3 minute performance poetry

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I’m Explaining A Few Things ~ Pablo Neruda

Sad poem, but lovely. I’m Explaining a Few Things You are going to ask: and where are the lilacs? and the poppy-petalled metaphysics? and the rain repeatedly spattering its words and drilling them full of apertures and birds? I’ll tell

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Fairy Tale ~ Miroslav Holub

Fairy Tale by Miroslav Holub He built himself a house, his foundations, his stones, his walls, his roof overhead, his chimney and smoke. He made himself a garden, his fence, his thyme, his earthworm, his evening dew. He cut out

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The Republic of Conscience ~ Séamus Heaney

When I landed in the republic of conscience it was so noiseless when the engines stopped I could hear a curlew high above the runway.   At immigration, the clerk was an old man who produced a wallet from his

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