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One Auspicious Night or The Ideal Lover of Solitude

The Bhaddekaratta Sutra 2 Translations. Taught by the Buddha in Jeta’s forest. Buddha said to his monks, ”Let me teach you how to know one single auspicious night…. “Let not a person revive the past Or on the future build

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(Black Moon Bonus Story) ~ Gesar of Ling defeats Satham of Jang

I downloaded Douglas J Penick’s book The Brilliance of Naked Mind to my new Kindle (thanks, kids!) and this story was in the first few pages. It made my heart soar.   Gesar was a Warrior Hero of Tibet. This

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The Monk Hanshan

(All images are of artwork from the MING DYNASTY) The Monk Hanshan (Deqing) was one of the most important Buddhist teachers in the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty in China stretched from the middle of the 14th Century to the

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The Five Poisons and The Eight Worldly Concerns

”Learn to bear them patiently, as if they were mere echoes..” ~ Longchenpa In Buddhist psychology different types of mental affliction are categorised. These are the so-called mental poisons. In addition there are the eight worldly concerns, or those things that

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The Unborn ~ Bankei Yotaku

Not angry when abused, not happy when praised, a great blockhead of the universe! Going along as circumstances carry me—north, south, east, west, without hiding my ugliness and clumsiness between heaven and earth. Zen Master Bankei Yotaku (1622-1693) Bankei built

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Shabkar ~ Hints on Meditation

Shabkar (1781 – 1851) was a famous Tibetan hermit and yogi, who was particularly known for his advocacy of vegetarianism and an utterly simple life. His biography shows him going through very human struggles. Because he spends so much time

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Padampe Sangye ~ Hundred Verses of Advice

If you’re not free now, when will you ever get to be free? People of Tingri, your chance to eat comes only one time in a hundred. Padampa Sangye was a Buddhist mahasiddha of the  Indian Tantra movement who transmitted many teachings to Buddhist

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Vajra Tent

The vajra tent is a protective space created (visualised) by practitioners, in Tibetan Buddhism. The Vajra Tent The vajra tent The vajra tent has the shape of a dome and covers all the other layers of the sphere. It is

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Milarepa’s Song to Paldarbum

Milarepa to the Girl… “If you sincerely wish to practice the Dharma, in my tradition you don’t need to change your name. Since one can awaken to buddhahood as either a monk or layperson, you don’t need to shave your

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Ayu Khandro (1839 – 1953)

Ayu Khandro was a famous female Tibetan Buddhist. Her main practice was Chöd. In 1951 she relayed teachings and her life story to Namkhai Norbu when he was 14; He is a Dzogchen master who has been teaching in the west

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The Eight Fold Path

The Four Noble Truths give rise to the Eight Fold Path which is the Journey out of samsara (the repeating cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth, ad infinitum)….. The Eight Fold Path is a highly practical outline of an approach to

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Milarepa ~ From Dark Mage to Green Sage

(Milarepa by Roerich)   Milarepa is one of the best-loved and most epic characters in the story of Tibet. The bad boy made good. When he was young his family was dispossessed after his father’s death, and all their hereditary

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