Discussion with Branko Malic around Academic Paper on After Birth Abortion

In which we discuss various matters in and around an academic paper published in 2012 on the topic of After Birth Abortion.
Paper – https://jme.bmj.com/content/39/5/261

Transcription 51 -54 minutes – (audio interference)
”The principle they took as a starting point was this principle of Absolute I, that I is free and the thing that has to be demonstrated is how non – I , that is the object, the thing that is outside the consciousness is also an I, that everything is conscious, that everything is subject in a sense. And of course at that time, among German philosophers, it was something different, they would never advocate for something like that (abortion), but that split between subject and object is something that rules our age. And it rules academia and it rules the scientific way of thinking. So this is the reason that ideas like this can find their way in academia, with no problem, because however loathsome one can find them people just accept the formal logic they use, because they see nothing wrong. In the age of High Middle Ages, they would face a very long time in the dungeon, or something worse, not because people were more primitive, but because people were aware that there are more fundamental things than subject and object, there are more fundamental things than my I, than my personal aims and so on and so forth. And so I think this is very serious in fact, not that this article is so serious in itself, but the serious thing is that this could be the way of thinking appropriated by the masses, and in the West, as far as I can see, it is appropriated to a large extent, already.”

Music – Used under Creative Commons License –
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Born Punk pt.2 by Sam Gas Can
Dystopian Waltz by Guillaume Tucker
They Know Nothing by Keshco
Perverse Variant Cultures Zucotic and Punksatone Simply 2002 by S.J. Mellia
Starling by Podington Bear


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