Idiocracy Now

Of late I feel even more of a stranger in a strange land. Perhaps time and times have always seemed thus to us mortals who briefly pass through, each succeeding generation surprising the former in ways they had not anticipated. Good things happen, for sure, all the time, but presently we seem to be bombarded with ever-increasing idiocy – not simply as opinions, which are free to come and go relatively harmlessly, but as legislation, court  rulings, education policies, academic outcomes and an overall engineering of greater society that is less likely than hare-brained schools of thought to fizzle out.


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To start somewhere at all is difficult, so I will start at the physical human body. Since the existence of our species the biological beginning has been where a sperm has met an egg in an explosion of zinc fireworks, information encoded in these uniting cells has determined the form of the developing child, and thus have new generations been born, lived, reproduced, died, thrived, failed, thrived again, refined our skills, knowledge and tools, survived savagery and pestilence, overcome infinite challenges and developed high cultures, fine arts, deep philosophies, and systems of living together culminating in the world we experience about us today. Along the way there have always been anomalies in biology, in thought, in habit, in belief, but usually what is most pragmatic, rational and useful among our ideas – those which aspire to the common good –  are what prospers. Somehow we have managed thus far not to exterminate the species, in spite of ample opportunity. All this exists because men and women have been procreating, and then teaching and cultivating skills with their offspring and passing along experience. It has been a reasonably simple story, at least at the basic biological level.


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Now the simple framework of physical existence seems open to contention. We have to be careful how we phrase ourselves.Shortly we will have to police our very thoughts.

Perhaps expectant mothers is a term that is too challenging to some, discriminatory even? Presuming that the owner of a cervix could automatically be addressed as a woman is a bit casual. The terms Father and Mother in and of themselves are somewhat passé, inconvenient relics of a bygone age. Father’s Day itself could be a display of chauvinist bias – what of the families where father is not required? While we are at it should children’s books contain reference to boys or girls at all, given that gender is so fluid and that the human child may not yet have come down decisively on their identification. To describe breastfeeding as natural  reinforces gender roles and it also promotes those zany anti-vaxxers.  It’s also probably unfair, let’s be honest, to those Moms who willfully removed their breasts and cannot feed their children thusly anymore. Top surgery itself is glorified, a choice to be lauded, as it is asserting one’s right to be free of the impediment of breasts themselves. Binding, though it results in harm in almost all cases, is readily available for young girls who are uncomfortable in their developing bodies. Breast removal is promoted as braver still. In fact a huge pharmaceutical, surgical and counselling industry is burgeoning around the chemical and surgical mutilation of young people, even pre-puberty, who are in ever greater numbers displaying the malaise of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Whereas in older times we recognised that youngsters cutting themselves or starving themselves was a symptom of mental unwellness, now we offer support, affirmation and intervention as a society to these intrepid pioneers of the sexual and gender frontiers. And to question this is to be automatically transphobic. Couple this with the hyper-sexualisation of children in drag contests and camps, and attempts to regularise porn in childhooddubious sex-ed, safe schools, the promotion of gender doubt, and we have the very foundations for the normalisation of pedophilia.



That is if the child makes it to the womb in the first place given that anti-natalism is becoming a more acceptable philosophy, especially among millenials. It is a conscious commitment to childlessness that surely echoes a troubling lack of faith in the whole human experience. This is nihilism. And even if conceived will the child make it past the womb at all in the first place, it being one of the most dangerous environments for the human being to exist.  And given that it seems nowadays that rather than being a tragic decision that some may be forced to make, the removal of the child from the womb is a human right to be euphorically welcomed. Not a sober act of enormous consequence both for the child and the mother who will often suffer adverse psychological consequences, but rather the jubilant and inspirational exercise of freedom.

Women are being erased. In sport.  In the arts.  In politics. On all female short-lists. And objecting in any way renders one an automatic TERF. Female prisons should welcome self-identifying trans-women, even if they are fully intact in the genital area and not taking hormones. Even if they are child-murdering rapists, who are now being supported online because they are identifying as other. Women’s refuges should be available likewise, even if the women with actual vaginas who live there have fled from domestic violence and have nowhere else to go. Self identification across the spectrum does not require medical certification or doctors diagnosis any longer. It is suffficient to sign off on a form.


Men are being erased. Not just as fathers.The syllable ”man” is perceived as offensive and some academic institutions are calling for its removal from words such as manmade, mankind etc.  Toxic masculinity and affirmations that we live in a rape culture are hyped to the point where males no longer accrue the presumption of innocence which is at the heart of a functioning judicial system. Suicide rates are drastically increasing, up by 25% over the past 20 years. Mostly maleAutism rates are up. Again this affects mostly males. 1 female for every 4 males diagnosed.  Between the ages of 15 and 35 suicide accounts for at least 20% of all male deaths. Fertility rates dropping like a stone – 50% decrease in 40 years. That is astonishing. Longevity rates themselves are dropping which seems to be a startling judgement on our civilisation, given its potential. Three times as many males are regular drug users than women and the overall rate of drug consumption in general is soaring.


But having made it out of the womb – increasingly by elective caesarean, so that now 30% of all births are via c-section in Ireland and the US – despite the fact that the journey through the birth canal can be beneficial to babies – the child will enjoy a month or two of being parented in the home before at least a quarter of them are enrolled in state run or state subsidised child care facilities sometimes for up to 12 hours per day given modern traffic and high housing costs near economic centres. This is lauded as the best means to socialise a child, as if staying at home with a parent turns a child into a slack-jawed outcast. One point I note is that the articles critically investigating daycare outside the family for young children fell off steeply since the early noughties, and positive reinforcement of the benefits of childcare outside the family environemnt came to the fore in the media. Encouraging career above motherhood  by government – which was achieved here in Ireland via discriminatory tax laws – is resulting in serious difficulties with fertility as women are having babies at older ages. Even if children do not go to daycare in their first two years thereafter daycare is incentivised by government policies and most avail of it. This would be fine if stay at home parents were equally incentivised, but they are not. This overall atomisation of family life, via state policies which favour both parents working, ensures that from the earliest age the children of a society are subject to the chosen social engineering policies of the state. The apparatus of the state rather than the individual’s parent inculcate the inner ethical life of the child. (This is an opinion, of course, and cannot be statistically proven.)

In the first 18 months of life the child will be given 30 doses of different vaccines and woe onto thee if you ask for a different, more prolonged schedule or vaccine protocol, such as is followed in some countries. No, jab it in there, every few years a new one or two, the vaccines emerging at a rate that suggests the impossibility of proper trials. Or perhaps the vaccine trial laboratory is at present your own babies body.

Having shuffled such children as you deem you can possibly afford to have off to daycare or a relative, now one can work at a statistically-likely-to-be a Bullshit Job, which will nonetheless mean you are very unlikely to have any worthwhile savings and your spending power is a shrivelled rump of the purchasing potential of earlier generations of workers. You are in essence a wage slave, and further enslaved to a fiat currency which has no fundamental meaning or value beyond that assigned to it by unknown persons in authority. The only true spending clout is at the top of the chain where the zeros are first manufactured from thin air in cyber-space – the chosen ones up there who get the first shot at spending the zeros are the ones who are gradually buying up all the land, ores, raw materials, properties, and planetary resources, slowly but surely concentrating them into ever fewer hands. Meanwhile as a wage slave you have no time to acquire any self-sufficiency skills and are thus at the mercy of learned helplessness and the specialisation of tasks.


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But that’s okay. A lot of us plebians have super-smart phones, and many of us have foreign holidays every year, and consume cheap delicacies from all over the world, in the forms of foods and clothing and household and technological items that have been winnowed from the sweat, blood and tears of the truly enslaved classes in the developing world, where mass faintings in factories are not uncommonpoisoning in the banana groves are not unusual, not to mention shortened brutish lives in the mines or on the spoil heaps of our first world waste.


And in the schools and universities to which our children are consigned, rather than being broadly educated for the noble sake of enlightening young minds the curricula are dumbed down to enable the production of new drones for bullshit jobs and another generation of indiscriminate consumersParticipation medalsrainbow unicornsequity of outcomescience denialism, the hysterical rout of free speech, all forms of academic rigour refuted because it might be damaging to spoilt, narcissistic, self-identifying societal warriors who have learned to despise the world that has sheltered them. History is being erased, but maybe that is inevitable given that attention spans have (possibly?) dropped so much at present that retention of information of anything past last Thursday is quite difficult.


It is a sacred and inviolable tenet of the majority of modern, educated humans that there are too many of us here on the planet and that depopulation is necessary. But ask the believer who should go? Them, with their subtly Malthusian indoctrination, or the low-life thug with the neck tattoos in the fast food restaurant? They are highly unlikely to choose themselves, unless perhaps they are old, bored, sick or depressed and feel they are a burden or in fact believe that killing oneself is an absolute human right that the state should guarantee to them. Do the soft-malthusians believe in the existence of a soul? If no, then little wonder that the scraps of mere flesh can be justifiably tossed aside as surplus to requirements. If so, is that soul equally present in all, or only in those deemed worthy of being preserved? Is the Divine Spark an elite experience? If one enquires into the ”environmental movement” one finds a globally-organised tax cartel that siphons off  funds, levies and fines from ”polluters”, even though such a levy of monies hardly affects the amount of noxious effluent going into lakes, rivers, soil or sea The biggest polluters can very easily buy the necessary environmental credits to essentially pollute at will.

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Not to worry, though. With the burgeoning smart cities our every move will be monitored, and even littering will lower ones social credit rating, and narrow ones potential freedom. More goods will be owned in common,  perhaps even the very utensils with which you cook or eat, the clothes on your back, your home will be opened in your absense for meetings ( I cannot find the link for this – it was a speech given by a politician from the Netherlands). your devices which are already listening to your words, will be able to read your thoughts, your face will be recogised wherever you go, your movements tracked via chips in your bank cards and devices, perhaps even your skin, and if you are out of range of the cameras, drones will complete the network of constant observation.


In this scenario, this Idiocracy, God is a word too far. Glorification of matter is the raison d’etre, a malign credo that blithely denies the Divine Spark that has been central to our philosophies to date. We are so clever now. We know that sooner or later science will answer all our doubts. What makes the heart beat? Who are we? Why are we here? Why is there a goldilocks planet in the middle of vast uninhabitable space? What is our purpose?  Science will explain everything, it is decided, even though in order for scientific knowledge to advance there has to exist the presupposition of an infinite reserve of mystery. Best not think about that unknowable space too much, however, as it brings up unwelcome metaphysical ponderings.


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Note 1 ~ I am not by nature misanthropic – generally I am very fond of people and of being conscious and alive on this beautiful planet – but occasionally I reach a point where an accumualtion of observations must be jotted down and vented.

Note 2 ~ I believe that individuals who genuinely experience gender dysphoria should be enabled to live with respect and safety. It is the Ideology that has grown around the area which seeks to redefine biological and social mores for everyone – especially in childhood – from the level of state regulation that I find objectionable. Likewise individuals will make decisions at their own personal level regarding issues of conscience such as abortion, euthanasia, even child care and vaccinations, opting to remain childless, and so on etc., and this is their own business. It is the ideological enforcement of practices by governments that I find objectionable.



Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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