The Kali Yuga : Dicing With Death ~ Gwendolyn Taunton

Short extracts from an article available to read HERE.

One of the most well-known cultural imports from India that has exerted an influence on Western thought is that of the Kali Yuga.

The reason for the popularity of this subject in the West is two-fold : Firstly, the Kali Yuga can be used to explain a number of political, economic and environmental problems which currently face humanity. Secondly the Kali Yuga and the whole concept of cyclic time are not entirely foreign.

A similar cycle of ages is present in Greek history, most notably in the works of Hesiod, where he speaks of a fall from a Golden Age towards an apex of decline in the Iron Age.

The symbolism used to portray the Golden Age often implies an alteration to time, as major planetary conjunctions are said to occur at the end of the Kali Yuga…However the majority of issues which arise in the Kali Yuga can also be attributed to a decline in human morality and ethics, …

It is a common misconception that the Kali Yuga is named after the Goddess Kālī . Instead it takes its name from an extremely powerful male demon. The demonic Kali takes his name from the Sanskrit root kad which means to ”suffer, grieve, hurt, confound or confuse.”

His domains…are found wherever people lose their rationality, generating strife and conflict.

The adharmic counter-tradition of the Kali Yuga is also identified with rigid dogma and out-of-date fundamentalist thinking by (Alain) Daniélou, who writes that…”To freeze the teachings of ”prophets” in books regarded as sacred is to paralyze the spirit of research; it fixes so-called established truths and tends to create blind faith instead of the search for knowledge.”

Alain Daniélou provides numerous examples of events that will occur in the Kali Yuga from the Linga Purana and the Vishnu Purana...

~ They will be surrounded by pretentious, fake philosophers.

~ There will be many beggars and unemployed people.

~ Rapes will be frequent.

~ Unqualified people will pass as experts in the fields of morals and religion.

~Women of good birth will abandon themselves to the desires of the basest men and perform obscene acts.

~ Men will devote themselves to earning money, the richest will hold power.

~ Through the fault of public authorities many children will die.

~ People will accept theories promulgated by anyone as acts of faith.

~ (Humans) will be without virtues, purity or a sense of decency, and will know great hardship.

In the discourse by Markandeya in the Mahabharata it is written that…

~ Rulers will become unreasonable, they will levy taxes unfairly.

~ Rulers will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality or protect their people..

~ People will start migrating, seeking countries where wheat and barley form the staple food source.

(Also in the Kali Yuga)…

~The gods of the clouds will be inconsistent with the rains.

~ There will be many children whose life expectancy is no more than sixteen years.

~ Those who live for a hundred years will be few.

The most simple and effective method of resisting the influence of the Kali Yuga is actually very easy and can be practised by anyone for in the Mahanirvana Tantra it says…

in the Kali Age alms are efficacious in the accomplishment of all things.

Thus the humble act of charity can counter the woe, greed and cruelty of the Kali Yuga.

Article written by Gwendolyn Taunton and available in full at


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