The Aghora Vimalananda explains to Robert Svoboda about Shakti….and Maya ~

You must try to understand that Maya can exist only where there is duality. The universe is full of pairs of basic principles:
male and female, positive and negative, active and passive. Our philosophy maintains that the Soul is only one, indivisible, in
the state of Sat-Chit-Ananda (existence-consciousness-bliss).

But the Soul cannot enjoy itself unless there is some observer, someone who can perceive the Reality. Observers cannot exist
when the whole universe is in a state of nonduality because all is one ; no distinction between observer and observed would
be possible.

To satisfy this urge for an observer, Shakti projects Herself.

This Shakti is Adya, the undifferentiated form,the totality of all universes. She is as unbounded and absolute
as is the Universal Soul or Atman, and the only difference between them is that She feels Herself to be separated from
Him, the male principle, the unchanging Atman, and this gives Her the impetus to try to locate Him and reunite with Him.

Adya is Herself unaware of how She projects. The whole projection is spontaneous because of joy, the overwhelming joy of
existence. Because the process of this projection is unknown to everyone it is called Maya.

Eventually Adya Herself begins to become individualized.
Within Her, separate egos develop and become individuals. At some point these proliferated forms begin to grope for the Ultimate; at this point the Universal Soul gets the observers He had yearned for. Every individual begins this quest hesitantly, but every individual will one day or another reunite with the Unmanifest.

Separately the Soul and Adya are impotent; together they create a beautiful play. When the play is over the projection is reabsorbed into the “projector” until the next cycle of creation. Isn’t it wonderful?

People still ask me, “Why does Maya entice us if She is supposed to be part and parcel of the Divine Motherhood of God?”
It is not so difficult to understand. Each man and woman are part of the Cosmic Male and Female Principles. In each human,
buried down deep inside, is the remembrance of the indescribable bliss of Unity, of the joy which caused the projection in
the first place.

Source ~ from Aghora by Robert Svoboda.,%20Robert%20-%20Aghora%201_djvu.txt

(Very interesting and nice book).


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