Spiritually Informed Political Activism ~ Paul Levy

Paul Levy is a writer (Wetiko and Awaken in the Dream) and a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism

Incarnation is about showing up. We need to play our roles fully. We need to speak our true voice, which is the very creative act that is being demanded of us.

~ Paul Levy

We need to step into our roles as ‘spiritually informed political activists,’ where spiritual understanding in-forms our actions in the world.

On the one hand we need to act. It is as if this is a play and we need to step into the roles that are being presented to us, go over our edge and do something, whatever that something looks like. This is the scene in the play where it is being demanded of us that we ‘step up to the plate,’ to use an analogy from our national pasttime, and get involved in whatever way suits our innate talents and aesthetic. If we refuse to participate, it is as if we are avoiding relationship with a part of ourselves. We are then not engaging with what is happening in the outside world as well as choosing not to deal with what it triggers inside of us. Incarnation is about showing up. We need to play our roles fully. We need to speak our true voice, which is the very creative act that is being demanded of us.

If we are not willing to embody and step into our truth, however, we literally become part of the problem instead of part of the solution. We then have no one to blame but ourselves for what is befalling our country. To quote Abraham Lincoln, “We- even we here- hold the power, and bear the responsibility.” When the universe requires us to step into our power and stand up for ourselves, if we refuse this calling, in that moment we give away our power and literally abandon ourselves. It is as if we split-off from and dis-own a part of ourselves.

Each of us is being asked to incarnate the truth of our being in a particularly unique way. If we assent to the life that is flowing through us, if we embody and incarnate the true voice that speaks through us, we affect the greater field. We can co-inspire each other to deeper levels of co-operative creative expression. Any one of us speaking our voice makes it easier for each of us to do the same, as we are all connected.

In addition, however, our action needs to be informed with a spiritual wisdom that recognizes that there is a deeper, more powerful process that is revealing something to us as it concurrently acts itself out through us. Interestingly, the inner meaning of the word ‘apocalypse’ is something hidden being revealed. A deeper archetypal process, which is to say a powerful energy that can possess a person or a nation, is incarnating itself through us. This more powerful mythic, archetypal energy has re-created itself all throughout history, and is manifesting, in fully visible form, through, in and as this world of ours. This more powerful energy that is birthing itself through our species is what Jung would call the ‘dark side of the Self,’ or we could say the dark or hidden God, what is called the ‘deus absconditus.’ Scholar Rudolph Otto refers to it as the ‘mysterium horrendum,’ as it is truly awe-full. What is revealing itself to us is the shadow of the Lord, which interestingly, is one of the inner meanings of the word ‘Satan.’

An emerging archetype such as the Self, as long as it’s not related to consciously, manifests its negative aspect, ‘drafting’ people into its service. Its ‘field of force’ literally absorbs and possesses people (or nations), acting itself out through them in a destructive way. It is profoundly significant that the negative archetype of the Self, the dark side of God is manifesting in fully apparent form in our universe. When a deeper archetypal energy reveals itself in this way, attracting the universe into itself, this is an expression that this more powerful archetypal energy is ready and available for assimilation. For it is only when these deeper energies become incarnated into the physical realm can the energy that is bound up in the compulsion to re-create the deeper pattern be accessed, unlocked and liberated. When this more powerful energy is ready to be integrated, it in-forms and gives shape to events in the outer world so as to express itself. This deeper energy acts itself out through us as it gets unconsciously ‘dreamed up’ by us into actual materialization in, through and as the universe. It is as if Satan has gone from hiding in underground shadows to above ground where he is incarnating, illumined by the light of day.

The fact that the shadow of God is incarnating itself in fully visible form is an expression that the ‘dark side’ is in the process of being SEEN and made CONSCIOUS. The darkness can’t stand to be seen, however, even reacting violently, for to see it takes away its autonomy and omnipotence, as it can no longer act itself out through us. Once seen, the darkness becomes integrated, as it is recognized to belong to all of us. Seeing the true nature of the darkness is to recognize that it is a reflection of the darkness inside all of us. We have all collaboratively dreamed up this darkness together, we are all complicit, we are all responsible.

I am not in any way degrading the profound importance of being either a political activist or a spiritual practitioner. All I am pointing at is that these two disciplines need to creatively impregnate each other so as to be truly effective. We need to become spiritually informed political activists, or to say it differently, politically active spiritual practitioners.

As spiritually informed political activists we can cultivate this same self-reflective awareness moment by moment towards what is happening in our personal mundane, day to day lives. Our particular life situation, with all of its unique problems, is the doorway which connects us to the deeper, archetypal collective process of humankind. This is to say that the process happening deep inside of us is re-presenting itself both literally as well as symbolically in both our personal lives as well as the world stage. We find ourselves in a synchronic universe where the inner and the outer, the microcosm and the macrocosm are recognized to be mirrored reflections of each other. The actions of our local personal self are inseparable from and instantaneously, non-locally affect the greater universal field. Fully entering the present moment of our individual, day to day lives literally has an invisible but very real effect on the universe.

It helps to remember this, as sometimes it is easy to feel helpless, as if there is nothing any of us can do to make a difference in the current world situation. One individual self-reflecting and metabolizing what is getting triggered in them by their current life situation, with, for example, all of their emotional upsets, relationship conflicts, body symptoms, etc, makes it easier and more accessible for others to have this same realization, as we are all connected. Any one of us cultivating self-reflective awareness in this very moment spontaneously affects the greater field, and could be the very act that tips the scales, initiating a phase shift in the collective consciousness of all of humankind.

As spiritually informed political activists, we can connect with each other and help each other to see through the illusion that we are dis-empowered. The truth is that as we hook up and collectively get in phase with each other we have incredible power to affect reality. Our connecting with each other and helping each other to activate our true God-given creative power is the worst nightmare of the powers-that-be. We can reciprocally and exponentially empower each other in a way that helps all of us. We can collaboratively put our energy together so as to dis-spell the dark, negative energy that is destructively acting itself out in this world of ours. Paradoxically, we transform our inner process by engaging with the outer world, while we simultaneously transform the outer world by working on our inner process.

This is a ‘dreamed up’ universe. All six billion of us are having a mass shared dream. We have all collaboratively dreamed up into incarnation a process going on deep inside the collective psyche of all of humanity, and we are playing it out on the world stage as history. Our doing this is both the problem as well as the potential solution. In other words, encoded in symbolic form in our very crisis is hidden the key for its own re-solution and transcendence.

The full article is available here ~ http://www.awakeninthedream.com/wordpress/spiritually-informed-political-activism/


Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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2 comments on “Spiritually Informed Political Activism ~ Paul Levy
  1. A.D. says:

    Hi Jac, sorry, I did not see your comment…Yes, I agree with you. I remember reading Gulag Archipelago and there was this line ..If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being ~ Solzhenitsyn.
    Thanks for commenting and dropping by 🙂


  2. jac forsyth says:

    Interesting read. I’m glad you talk about the shadow side too as Western spirituality is rife with a kind of ‘spiritual bypassing’ that clings to the light. But what hope is there for any resolution out there in the world if I can’t even acknowledge my own darkness?


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