Kakistocracy – Psychopathy – Paedophilia in High Places ~ Tjeerd Andringa

Tjeerd Andringa is a lecturer in cognitive sciences at Groningen University.

He is using the word ”Kakistocracy’‘ which means ‘rule by the worst.( The first recorded use of the term was by the satirical writer Thomas Love Peacock in 1829 )…

He theorises that psychopaths are recognised and cultivated within Pedophile networks, and are thereafter controlled because of their activities.

(Sorry, it is a very unpleasant subject. But information is emerging more and more about high level pedophilia and I find Andringa’s theory worth considering when trying to understand this almost inexplicable evil.)




Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen suggested: “one of the reasons for the intimate association of the power elite with child abuse is that they use it to maintain their, somewhat hidden, ‘kakistocracy’: government by the worst and most evil people; a highly capable brand of psychopaths if you like.”

Elite psychopaths, he explains, require a supply of ruthless power hungry individuals with a deep understanding of how the world works. Such depth of understanding often gives people wisdom and a sense of responsibility. Those people are of no use to a kakistocracy, it needs individuals with that depth of understanding combined with an utter ruthlessness and the capacity to appear respectable. Elite child abuse networks are one channel to find such people.

Recent media hysteria, over long suspected yet unreported child abuse scandals at the heart of UK government and establishments like the BBC, throws up a question: why does it always take so long for these rotten issues to be exposed? It also highlights the challenge for alternative media: how to get information out to the wider general public in such a way that people will accept and believe it?

Dr Andringa again: “The point here is that those abuse networks are something of the unprotected underbelly of the Kakistocracy; they need them but it is so difficult to keep them completely hidden. But now we have an important point, who wants to know these things? If you are someone who is law abiding, who is struggling to understand the world and then someone is going to tell you that everything that you hold dear as a stable point in your society, that your authorities are completely unreliable and amongst the worst people in the world….then you are not really doing them a service [by telling them this] you are doing them a disservice by attacking the foundations of their life.”


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