Expanding Earth Theory

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Neal Adams is just one possible theorist in the area. There are others… like Konstantin Meyl.

(Start at 2.20 minutes…as interviewer is boring….or at 5 minutes in, even better..)

What Tesla called the ”primary substance”…are now known as neutrinos

“Condensation of the primary substance is going on continuously, this being in a measure proved, for I have established by experiments which admit of no doubt that the sun and other celestial bodies steadily increase in mass and energy and ultimately must explode, reverting to the primary substance…..” ~ Nikola Tesla

Other source


(That site goes for accretion of mass on Earth from space materials like meteors and dust, as opposed to neutrinos.)

”In 1933, one explanation for continental drift had been proposed by Ott Christoph Hilgenberg in his book, Von wachsenden Erdball, which roughly translates as ‘The Expanding Earth’.  He observed that all the continents could be reconstructed on a smaller diameter Earth and suggested that the Earth had expanded in size to split the continental shell into the various continents of today, until they eventually reached their present positions. Also the Russian engineer Jean Yarkovsky and the Italian geologist Roberto Mantovani had both independently suggested the concept towards the beginning of the 1900s.  But these ideas had been mostly ignored during their day since most people believed the continents were firmly fixed throughout geological time.” 

Source ~ http://www.dinox.org/eehistory.html

And for balance…the ridiculing of the theory of expanding earth 🙂

What caught my interest was the age of the sea floor being much younger than age of continental crust. Anyways, I don’t know if this is crack pot stuff or not, but it is interesting.


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