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Alchemy, Saturn, Melancholy and Music Saturn as Father Time The melancholy humour when it is stirred up, burns and stirs up a madness conducing to knowledge and divination, especially if it is helped by any celestial influx, particularly of Saturn … By melancholy, says Aristotle, some men

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Apologies to the Divine Feminine ~ Jeff Brown

  APOLOGIES TO THE DIVINE FEMININE (from a warrior in transition) I apologize for my inability to distinguish the benevolent warrior from the heartless warrior, a reflection of my own confusion dealing with the battlefields of yore. When I opened

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Oliver Sacks

I like this guy. His most famous book is ”The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat” “We speak not only to tell other people what we think, but to tell ourselves what we think. Speech is a part

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Two Poems by Mary Oliver

“How I go to the woods… Ordinarily, I go to the woods alone, with not a single friend, for they are all smilers and talkers and therefore unsuitable. I don’t really want to be witnessed talking to the catbirds or

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Like Frenzied Wasps in a Nest ~ Davi Kopenawa

Words from Davi Kopenawa, one of the most influential tribal leaders from Brazil. Source ~ Here, taken from his autobiography and conversations at Survival International’s offices in London, are some of his observations of the rich north and its attitudes to consumerism,

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Buddhist Anarchism ~ An Essay by Gary Snyder (1961)

Buddhist Anarchism Buddhism holds that the universe and all creatures in it are intrinsically in a state of complete wisdom, love and compassion; acting in natural response and mutual interdependence. The personal realization of this from-the-beginning state cannot be had

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Jungian Psychology and Alchemy

(painting by Jung) Quotes BY Jung….from ”Psychology and Alchemy” “When the alchemist speaks of Mercurius, on the face of it he means quicksilver (mercury), but inwardly he means the world-creating spirit concealed or imprisoned in matter. The dragon is probably

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Ardhanarishwara and Alchemy

Ardhanarisvara and alchemy: union of male and female, of Shiva and Shakti excerpted from OM, baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self, by Jack Haas             For one to arrive at the empty core from which all existence radiates, the alchemical union

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The Hierophant and Alchemy

“I behooveth him who would enter into this art and secret wisdom to repel the vice of arrogancy from him, and to become virtuous and honest and profound in reason, courteous unto men, merry and pleasant of countenance, patient and

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The Cuckoo’s Song of Gnosis ~ Vairotsana

Translation of short six line poem by 8th century Tibetan Mystic and Poet Vairotsana. There is nothing in this transmission that can be grasped or conceptualized or cultivated or practiced. To assimilate it into the logical intellect and spin it

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Radical Creativity ~ Vairotsana

Another translation of a poem by 8th century mystic Vairotsana. No one and no thing to change! The elements of experience, inner and outer, are part of a reality field (basic spaciousness) in which no indivisible particle can be isolated

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Ten Verses of Unfathomable Depth

The Ten Verses of Unfathomable Depth were a highly regarded text in premodern China, Korea, and Japan, but they are not part of the small canon of poems still regularly employed in Zen teaching and practice in Japan and abroad. They are therefore unfamiliar

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The Forgotten Irish Buddhist Monk

What did Dhammaloka do before becoming a Buddhist? We know he was a hobo (migrant worker) in the US, and a sailor in the Atlantic and Pacific. But there are also 28 years missing in his biography – years in which he

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Archetypal Parvati

Contemplation of the aspects of various Goddesses can be helpful to the female when she is establishing a concept of her self as the Sacred Feminine. The Divine Feminine archetypes we have grown up with and that have been customary

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A Commentary on the Rosarium philosophorum by Adam McClean

Edited Extracts from an Article found here ~ Rosarium Philosophorum ~ Published in 1550 ~ The text is based around the interpretation of 20 esoteric woodcut illustrations. The text constantly shifts between physical alchemy, statements about experiments with substance, and the

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The Sacred Art of Alchemy by Paul Levy

Edited Extracts from a lovely article found here ~ “I had very soon seen that analytical psychology coincided in a most curious way with alchemy. The experiences of the alchemists, were, in a sense, my experiences, and their world was my

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The ”Four Stage” Version by Nigel Hamilton

Nigel Hamilton is a UK based Sufi teacher of long standing. This is the introduction  and summary of Four Stage version of transformation as contained in a PDF foundhere ~ Understanding Transmutation as the Basis of Alchemy. Alchemy is best known

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The Shadow/Alchemy

”He who wants to get insight and enlightenment in all truth, think of God’s birth in himself, in the depth of his soul.” ~ Meister Eckhart This is my own musing on this…so not authoritative. The lead is those shadow

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I sense there is this mystery ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I sense there is this mystery: All life is being lived. Who is living it, then? Is it the things themselves, or something waiting inside them, like an unplayed melody in a flute? Is it the winds blowing over the

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The Artist’s duty ~ Kenneth Patchen

So it is the duty of the artist to discourage all traces of shame To extend all boundaries To fog them in right over the plate To kill only what is ridiculous To establish problem To ignore solutions To listen

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