The Sutra of the Great Realisations of the Eight Beings

The First Realization is the awareness that the world is impermanent.
Political regimes are subject to fall.
Things composed of the four elements are empty, containing within them the seeds of suffering.
Human beings are composed of Five Aggregates and are without a separate self.
They are always in the process of change – constantly being born and constantly dying.
They are empty of self and without a separate existence.
The mind is the source of all confusion, and the body the forest of all unwholesome actions.
Meditating on this, you can be released from the round of birth and death.

Art: Flora Aube...

The Second Realization is the awareness that more desire brings more suffering.
All hardships in daily life arise from greed and desire.
Those with little desire and ambition are able to relax, their body and mind free from entanglement.

by Russian artist Maria Medvedica/ «Для меня вселенная-это и есть Бог, Абсоют и мы часть этого бесконечного процесса , непрерывного танца созидания и разрушения. Об этом я и говорю в своём творчестве»

The Third Realization is the awareness that the human mind is always searching outside itself and never feels fulfilled. This brings about unwholesome activity.
Bodhisattvas, on the other hand, know the value of having few desires.
They live simply and peacefully, so they can devote themselves to practicing the Way. They regard the realization of perfect understanding to be their only career.

Intuitive art image by Ame Jo Hughes

The Fourth Realization is the awareness that indolence (laziness) is an obstacle to practice.
You must practice diligently to transform unwholesome mental states that bind you, and you must conquer the four kinds of Mara in order to free yourself from the prisons of the Five Aggregates and the Three Worlds.

Shakti | Maha Shakti, The Divine Light of the Mother - LIGHTGRID - Lichtnetz ...

The Fifth Realization is the awareness that ignorance is the cause of the endless round of birth and death.
Bodhisattvas always listen to and learn from others so their understanding and skillful means can develop, and so they can teach living beings and bring them great joy.

"Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors." ~ Andrews Boyd Artist: Sarah Meech

The Sixth Realization is the awareness that poverty creates hatred and anger, which creates a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and actions.
When practicing generosity, bodhisattvas consider everyone – friends and enemies alike – to be equal. They do not condemn anyone’s past wrongdoings or hate even those presently causing harm.

Words lead to exhaustion. Better hold fast to your center. Lao Tzu

The Seventh Realization is the awareness that the five categories of sensual desire – money, sex, fame, overeating and oversleeping – lead to problems.
Although you are in the world, try not to be caught in worldly matters.
A monk, for example, has in his possession only three robes and one bowl.
He lives simply in order to practice the Way.
His precepts keep him free from attachment to worldly things, and he treats everyone equally and with compassion.

The Eighth Realization is the awareness that the fire of birth and death is raging, causing endless suffering everywhere.
Take the Great Vow to help all beings, to suffer with all beings, and to guide all beings to the Realm of Great Joy.

Empty you mind, be shapeless like water.


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