Chakras Don’t Exist…..


I’m posting this interesting article from the blog of an interesting person; our paths crossed for a while many moons ago. I agree with what he says here. Chakras are not what they are described to be (in spite of my posts about them…). Or, they are and they aren’t. The geometric shapes never suited my sense of them. I see them like spinning galaxies, like the discs Christopher writes about….


Wheels of Fire? That’s an old rock song isn’t it?

Having talked about the fire and fury of Gopi Krishna’s Kundalini experience and how perhaps this could have been ameliorated by adequate preparation, there is another point I particularly agree with him about.

That was his experience of chakras.

I teach that chakras don’t exist! 

I teach this because the religious idea of chakras prevalent in the New Age Yoga world, in my view, gets right in the way of deeply understanding them.

If the cup is full of New Age belief, best empty it first, in my view, and then fill it with a more nourishing juice.

Chakras are simply neuro-energetic potentials that lead, when worked with effectively, from the dualism of subject and object, inexorably into the emptiness of formless consciousness.

We make chakras exist, firstly through somatic activation-release.

Somatic activation-release is an aspect of any sound physical or somatic practice.

Somatic activation-release works neurologically on the brain.

Somatic activation-release in conjunction with breath brings consciousness deep into the tissues. It is the capacity to consciously feel and activate any part of one’s structure and also to consciously release it. This work around each segment of the body is the first stage in activating that segment as part of  a unified field of living conscious flesh. The opposite is unconscious, reflexive and reactive flesh.

We make the chakras exist and expand them through our somatic awareness practice.

We then make our energy centres grow with intention, visualisation and above all else, vibrational practice, i.e. mantra.

Like Gopi Krishna, I have experienced what I could describe as discs of light, that is why I teach about them, not because they are in some Yoga school curriculum or musty old books, but because I have felt and seen these potentialities.

Like Gopi Krishna, for me they didn’t have the coloration or look of the classic Hindu imagery, so I am also using such metaphorical imagery very softly. In my view direct experience is better than sequences of overlaid imagery.

Like Gopi Krishna and unlike a lot of Hindu images and stories, I experienced these wheels of light as horizontal and not vertical.

How might you experience them?

Will they even be part of your developmental experience?

Does it matter?

Probably not.

What did I learn from this experience?

That the subtle electromagnetic or energetic body could be seen and felt by the eye of contemplation, that this aspect of our existence was, in my experience, a very real part of our living-beingness.

Is this part of our existence more real than our physical form?

Not in my experience because as Patanjali points out “everything is real”, whilst equally, nothing has any inherent, separate or distinct reality to it at all. Radiant emptiness, energy and form are one inseparable dance. That’s why I teach that chakras don’t exist, they don’t have inherent or intrinsic existence any more than anything else.

What I experienced was horizontal spinning wheels of radiance that had the quality of bliss, they were connected by a vertical axis through their cores, that also had the quality of radiance and bliss.

Interestingly the Vaishnavite Sahajayna practioners of Bengal, had a powerful sexual practice and were wiped out fro being way too sexy. Wiped out as heretics by the orthodox and celibate Vaishnavites and the British Raj, both of whom considered them immoral, what did they say?

These Sahajayna’s taught about the crooked river of sublime bliss and the ponds of bliss (chakras) that one experienced en-route to awakening.

  • Wheels and lines of fire?
  • Wheels and lines of bliss-radiance?
  • Rivers and ponds of bliss?

What does it matter? I guess it matters in as much as: How does any experience, insight or realisation help you make your world richer in love, clarity, openness, communication, conscious evolution and freedom?



Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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