Commentary on the ‘Three Statements’ ~ Patrul Rinpoche

This is a lovely story about Garab Dorje, the first human teacher in the Dzogchen lineage,  who, upon dying, ascended into the Heavens in the light body. But his disciple wept and wondered how he would manage without his teacher. Garab Dorje returned (briefly) with a  little box and inside were these Three Remarkable Words, or Golden Letters, or Three Statements that Strike the Essential Points, or the Special Teaching. Patrul Rinpoche, the 19th century Tibetan yogi, has written a short commentary on the short teaching, which is said to sum up all essential teaching.

(Note: Approximate Translations ~  Rigpa is pure knowledge (enlightenment) and Dharmakaya is the truth body, the unity of all things.)

The Three Statements are…

Introducing directly the face of rigpa in itself.

Decide upon one thing, and one thing only.

Confidence directly in the liberation of rising thoughts.

Essentially this means to realise all phenomena arise and dissolve within the space of pure awareness; once having seen this to realise the truth of it, to accept it fully and not sway here and there; and thereafter to continually live that Truth. It is a beautiful teaching.

The Base: Recognize your own true nature.

The Path: Choose the state of presence.

The Fruit: Continue in the state with confidence in liberation.

“The Special Teaching of the Wise and Glorious King”

~ Patrul Rinpoche

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1. Introducing directly the face of rigpa in itself

As for the view, Longchen Rabjam,
Three statements strike the vital point.

First, relax and release your mind,
Neither scattered, nor concentrated, without thoughts.

While resting in this even state, at ease,
Suddenly let out a mind-shattering ‘phaṭ!’,
Fierce, forceful and abrupt. Amazing!

There is nothing there: transfixed in wonder,
Struck by wonder, and yet all is transparent and clear.
Fresh, pure and sudden, so beyond description:
Recognize this as the pure awareness of dharmakāya.

The first vital point is:  introducing directly the face of rigpa in itself.

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2. Decide upon one thing, and one thing only

Then, whether in a state of movement or stillness,
Of anger or attachment, happiness or sorrow,
All the time, in any situation,
Recognize that dharmakāya you recognized before,
And mother and child clear light, already acquainted, will reunite.

Rest in the aspect of awareness, beyond all description.

Stillness, bliss and clarity: disrupt them, again and again,
Suddenly striking with the syllable of skillful means and wisdom.
With no difference between meditation and post-meditation,
No division between sessions and breaks,
Always remain in this indivisible state.

But, until stability is attained,
It is vital to meditate, away from all distractions and busyness,
Practising in proper meditation sessions.

All the time, in any situation,
Abide by the flow of what is only dharmakāya.

Decide with absolute conviction that there is nothing other than this—
The second vital point is: decide upon one thing, and one thing only.

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3. Confidence directly in the liberation of rising thoughts

At that point, whether attachment or aversion, happiness or sorrow—
All momentary thoughts, each and every one,
Upon recognition, leave not a trace behind.

For recognize the dharmakāya in which they are freed,
And just as writing vanishes on water,
Arising and liberation become natural and continuous.
And whatever arises is food for the bare rigpa emptiness,
Whatever stirs in the mind is the inner power of the dharmakāya king,
Leaving no trace, and innately pure. What joy!

The way things arise may be the same as before,
But the difference lies in the way they are liberated: that’s the key.

Without this, meditation is but the path of delusion,
When you have it, there’s non-meditation, the state of dharmakāya—

The third vital point is: confidence directly in the liberation of rising thoughts.

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