The Active Side of Infinity ~ Carlos Castaneda

The Active Side of Infinity ~ Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castañeda became famous as the author of a series of books, starting with The Teachings of Don Juan in 1968, supposedly relating his training in shamanism by a Yaqui sorcerer. The books include experiences with several drugs, including peyote, jimsonweed, and mushrooms. Though they were considered true-to-life anthropological reports at first — and even earned him a Ph.D from UCLA — Castañeda’s books are now generally considered fiction.

(All Castaneda’s work is copied from Julian Rose’s Website (without his commentary) which is linked at end of page.)

“Every one of us human beings has two minds. One is totally ours, it is like a faint voice that always brings us order, directness, purpose. The other is a foreign installation. It brings us conflict, self-assertion, doubts, hopelessness: it’s ourselves as the ‘me-me’ centre of the world.”

“Infinity is everything that surrounds us: the spirit, the dark sea of awareness. It is something that exists out there and rules our lives. My steps and yours are ruled by infinity. The circumstances that seem to be ruled by chance are in essence ruled by the active side of infinity: intent. What put you and me together was the intent of infinity. It is impossible to determine what this intent of infinity is, yet it is there, as palpable as you and I are.”

“Sorcerers say there is a tremor in the air. The advantage of sorcerers is to know that the tremor in the air exists, and to acquiesce to it without further ado. For sorcerers there is no pondering, wandering or speculating. They know all they have is the possibility of merging with the intent of infinity, and they just do it.

Sacred Geometry <3

“You are not alert. You never learned to be alert, anyway. To be alert doesn’t mean to be watchful. For sorcerers, to be alert means to be aware of the fabric of the everyday world that seems extraneous to the interaction of the moment. Don’t hide yourself behind banalities. Stand up, assume responsibility for what you know. Don’t get lost in the extraneous fabric of the world around you, extraneous to what’s going on. Don’t be so concerned with yourself and your problems.”

“Sorcerers never say things idly. I am most careful what I say to you or to anybody else. The difference between you and me is that I don’t have any time at all, and I act accordingly. You, on the other hand, believe you have all the time in the world, and act accordingly. The end result of our individual behaviours is that I measure everything I do and say, and you don’t.

You’re looking for a sorcerer’s medication to remove everything annoying from you, with no effort at all on your part. You want ‘results potion’ – and you’re cured. Sorcerers face things in a different way. Since they don’t have any time to spare they give themselves fully to what’s in front of them. Your turmoil is the result of your lack of sobriety.”

You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl.

“Sadness, for sorcerers, is not personal. It is not quite sadness. It’s a wave of energy that comes from the depths of the cosmos, and hits sorcerers when they are receptive, when they act like radios, catching radio waves. The sorcerers of olden times, who gave us the entire format of sorcery, believed that there is sadness in the universe, as a force, a condition, like light, like intent, and that this perennial force acts especially on sorcerers because they no longer have any defensive shields. They cannot hide behind their friends or studies. They cannot hide behind love, or hatred, or happiness, or misery. They can’t hide behind anything. The condition of sorcerers is that sadness, for them, is abstract. It doesn’t come from coveting or lacking something, or from self importance. It doesn’t come from me. It comes from infinity.”

Carey Thompson | Android Jones

“Inner silence is a peculiar state of being in which thoughts are cancelled out and one can function from a level other than that of daily awareness. Inner silence means suspension of the inner dialogue.. What is at work during inner silence is another faculty that man has, the faculty that makes him a magical being, the very faculty that has been curtailed, not by man himself, but by some extraneous influence.”

“The desired result is what the old sorcerers called stopping the world, the moment when everything around us ceases to be what it’s always been. This is the moment when sorcerers return to the true nature of man. The old sorcerers also called it total freedom. It is the moment when the man slave becomes man the free being, capable of feats of perception that defy our linear imagination. Inner silence is the avenue that leads to a true suspension of judgement, to a moment when sensory data emanation from the universe at large ceases to be interpreted by the senses; a moment when cognition ceases to be the force which, through usage and repetition, decides the nature of the world.”


“Sorcerers need a breaking point for the workings of inner silence to set-in… It is very important that you yourself deliberately arrive at this breaking point, or that you create it artificially and intelligently. Your breaking point is to discontinue your life as you know it. You have done everything I’ve told you dutifully and accurately. If you are talented, you never show it. That seems to be your style. You’re not slow, but you act as if you were. You’re very sure of yourself, but you act as though you were insecure. You’re not timid, and yet you act as though you were afraid of people.
Everything you do points to one single spot: you need to break all that, ruthlessly.

I think everything boils down to one act: you must leave your friends. You must say goodbye to them, for good. It’s not possible to continue on the warrior’s path carrying your personal history with you, and unless you discontinue your way of life, I won’t be able to go ahead with my instruction. Your friends and family are your points of reference. Therefore they have to go. Sorcerers have only one point of reference: infinity.”

“The end of an era means that the units of a foreign cognition are beginning to take hold. The units of our normal cognition, no matter how pleasant and rewarding they are for you, are beginning to fade. A grave moment in the life of a man!

Don’t admire people from afar. That is the surest way to create mythological beings. Get close to them, talk to them, see what they are like as people. Test them. If their behaviour is the result of their conviction that they are a being who is going to die, then everything they do, no matter how strange, must be premeditated and final. If what they say turns out to be just words, they’re not worth a hoot.

Human beings are beings that are going to die. Sorcerers firmly believe that the only way to have a grip on our world, and what we do in it, is by fully accepting that we are on the way to dying. Without this basic acceptance, our lives, our doings, and the world in which we live are unmanageable affairs.
The acceptance of this is far-reaching. However, it’s not the mere acceptance that does the trick. We have to embody that acceptance and live it all the way through. Sorcerers throughout the ages have said that the view of our death is the most sobering view that exists.”

John Stephens


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