On Light ~ Tau Malachi

From  contribution on October 21st 2014 to http://www.sophian.org/

Extracts ~

Art by Guy Aitchison

”I’m quite struck by the insight of the implication of action or work for the discovery and revelation of the light hidden within creatures and creation.

A few thoughts come to mind.

First, that if this holy light is in wood and stone, then it is in all things and pervades all creation; understanding this, then we understand that this holy light is even hidden in our bodies, in the cells composing them, all the way to the atomic and subatomic particles.

If so near, and the light is not distant from us, then this light is very accessible to us, and when we look into it we will discover that our true being, true existence, is this holy light, Or Ain Sof, the “Light of the Infinite.”

Second, the action or work to be done for the discovery and realization of this hidden light is twofold, first the co-labor to enter into direct experience of this light and recognize this light. Then the co-labor to actualize and realize this holy light, living according to the truth and light revealed, and embodying it; hence, living in the awareness of this light (spacious radiant awareness).

First there is the co-labor to experience and receive the light transmission – the discovery, recognition, of this light and the power of light; once there is recognition, then there is the labor of realization – living this faith and knowledge, this awareness.

One cannot help but contemplate the awareness of this light hidden in all things as the awareness of the kingdom of heaven within and all around you, or “spread out upon the earth,” which as Yeshua says in this gospel, “few have eyes to see it,” or ‘few have the awareness to recognize it.’

Understanding that it is awareness that brings the capacity for the experience and reception of the light transmission, or recognition of the light within all things, then fundamentally our co-labor is for the generation of the presence of awareness, or the cultivation of mindfulness and alertness.

Here we need to share that this presence of awareness corresponds with the opening of our heart – a spacious heart, spacious awareness, which in turn opens our mind and aligns our energetic being with Christ.

If we consider the generation of the presence of awareness, it corresponds with the practice of the Three Roots: 1) Remembering God with us; 2) Setting our minds on those things that are above; 3) Remembering our transcendence.

There is another spiritual labor that comes to mind, seeing the light, the good, within everything in life and seeking to draw it out. This, of course, corresponds with the practice of seeing the good in oneself and others, receiving all as from God, and cultivating joy, rejoicing in the presence of God.

These were a few thoughts I was inclined to share.


Guy Aitchison Art | ... painting reference by Don McDonald and Guy Aitchison : Original Art

(Art by Guy Aitchison)


Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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