An Introduction to Kabbalah ~ Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi

The Tetragrammaton by gematria

I’ve been reading a very nice book called ‘‘The Way of Kabbalah” by Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi.

It is really useful as an introduction for people looking to learn Kabbalah from the beginning, people like me who do not know its language yet. It is easy to read and yet goes quite deeply into the philosophy.

Here is a quote from the book.

”Everyone is searching for something. Some pursue security, others pleasure or power. yet others look for dreams, or they know not what. There are, however, those who know what they seek, but cannot find it in the natural world. For these searchers many clues have been laid by those who have gone before. The traces are everywhere, although only those with eyes to see or ears to hear perceive them. When  the significance of these signs is seriously acted upon, Providence opens a door out of the natural and into the supernatural to reveal a ladder from the transient to the Eternal. He who dares the ascent enters the Way of Kabbalah.”

I have found a PDF by Halevi which is called An Introduction to Kabbalah. Some may find it useful.

Click to access halevi1.pdf

Kabbalists perceive Existence as a hierarchy of worlds, each of which is based on the
sefirotic model of the first world. These are all locked together by a fifth world composed of an axial line running up an
down the central column of Jacob’s Ladder. This vertical tree is the way the Divine is able to penetrate every level.

To be truly individual and human requires imagination, invention and reflection. These lead to insight, innovation and
vision. Without such capacities, a person cannot rise above the lowest world of Assyah or Action which confines anything
physical to that dimension. To be a fully human being one has to be able to rise beyond the senses and instinct. To know the
abilities and limitations of the body and the possibilities of the psyche is the first step to self-realisation. Without this
recognition, it is impossible to reach the spiritual and Divine levels.

It is 6 pages long followed by Diagrams.

The Kabbalah "Tree of Life"


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