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Dogen Zenji ~ Extracts from Uji (The Time Being)

(Note : Dogen’s ”Uji” and Heidegger’s ”On Being and Time” are often compared. The following are brief extracts from Who is this Dogen? ~ UJI An ancient buddha said: For the time being stand on top of the

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The Whole Mess…Almost ~ Gregory Corso

I ran up six flights of stairs to my small furnished room opened the window and began throwing out those things most important in life First to go, Truth, squealing like a fink: “Don’t! I’ll tell awful things about you!”

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”The mandorla is an ancient Christian symbol of two circles coming together,  overlapping one another to form an almond shape in the middle.  The circles may represent spirit and matter, or heaven and earth. In the middle is a place

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The Rosicrucian Tarot ~ Mark Stavish

Article Copied from The Rosicrucian Tarot By Mark Stavish, M.A. For centuries tarot cards have mystified and instructed students of mysticism. Yet, the actual history of this deck of cards called `tarot’, after the Italian playing cards tarocci, is often

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John C Lilly on Alternate realities, Psychedelics, Men, Women and God….

Very edited extract of Interview with John C Lilly John Cunningham Lilly (January 6, 1915 – September 30, 2001) was an American physician, neuroscientist, psychoanalyst,psychonaut, philosopher, writer and inventor. He was a researcher of the nature of consciousness using mainly isolation tanks,[1] dolphin communication, and psychedelic drugs, sometimes

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Wren Attributes: Wisdom, Inconspicuous, Cunning, Humbleness, Invisibility, Shape-shifting, Healing, Watchfulness This unassuming and inconspicuous bird was considered by the druids to be chief among all birds. Even the name wren comes from a modernizing of the Celtic word ‘Drui-en’ or

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The Active Side of Infinity ~ Carlos Castaneda

The Active Side of Infinity ~ Carlos Castaneda (All Castaneda’s work is copied from Julian Rose’s Website (without his commentary) which is linked at end of page.) “Every one of us human beings has two minds. One is totally ours,

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The Appointment with Infinity ~ Carlos Castaneda

The Appointment With Infinity ~ Carlos Castaneda (All Castaneda’s words have been copied from Julian Rose’s website (without his commentary) which is linked at end of page.) “The practicalities that scientists are interested in are conducive to building more and

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Lorin Roche ~ Householders versus Monks

It’s a long one. Source for this post ~ The Path of Detachment The recluse path than nuns and monks take is as magical in its way as that of Knights, Princes and Elves. So what if it necessitates

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Lorin Roche ~ Spiritual Predators and Vampires

Source for Post ~ Predators as Part of Nature Predators are part of nature and are everywhere on every level of society. In the field of meditation, the predators have been having a field day because their prey are not

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Lorin Roche ~ Sex Scandals in Spiritual Groups

Source for post ~ Sex Scandals in Spiritual Groups Julia (made up name to protect the guilty) is an amazingly competent and lively yoga teacher, in her 30’s. Julia notices she only wants to have sex if it is forbidden or taboo

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Soma ~ The Plant

Whole article from ~ Written by David Frawley Soma is a great deity, cosmic power and spiritual principle in Vedic thought. It also had its counterpart in the plant kingdom. There has been a long search for the identity of

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Equanimity ~ Sivananda

In this world of pairs of opposites, man is tossed about hither and thither by various waves of emotion. Now he gets gain, success, honour, praise. The next moment, he gets failure, loss, dishonour, censure and disappointment. He who has

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The Fall of Civilisations

Normally I allow celebrity culture to pretty much whistle past my ears, and when I see Rihanna or Beyonce yelling about freedom and self-empowerment in their nipple pasties while writhing about in their skimpy vajazzlement, I just think ”Yeah, yeah,

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A Kabbalistic View of The Chakras

Source ~ (Kenton is the wife of the guy I mentioned before …Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi. Her placement of the chakras does not  coincide with other articles I have read. So, I guess it is open for debate….) (Jane Adams

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Agni and Soma

Whole article from ~ Written by Pavan Kanwar One of the important images of the Rig Veda is Agni (the sacred fire) as the guide leading us to immorality (Amrita) through the sacrifice of Soma or the mystic nectar to

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Nada Meditation

Nada Meditation   Sit in Nadanusandhasana, like so. Roll up a doubled blanket to make a thick roll and sit on it, on your hunkers. Make sure it is high enough and secure enough that you are steady. Fix it

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Dakini and Daka

”Dakinis are enlightened or highly insightful females who often act as messengers, reminders and revealers to the student of Vajrayana, They can be human or non-human ”   (Source ~ Buddhism After Patriarchy by Rita M Gross) It is held

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Cavafy ~ Ithaka

As you set out for Ithaka hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery. Laistrygonians, Cyclops, angry Poseidon – don’t be afraid of them: you’ll never find things like that one on your way as

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Cavafy ~ Waiting for the Barbarians

What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum? The barbarians are due here today. Why isn’t anything happening in the senate? Why do the senators sit there without legislating? Because the barbarians are coming today. What laws can the

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