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Beyul (Sacred Valleys).

This is a lovely idea. According to Tibetan lore – specifically the Nyingma tradition of Padmasambhava – there are many secret, sacred valleys dotted around the Himalayas and beyond, where people, who are seeking peace and spiritual refuge, can go

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Teachings of Saraha

The Dohakosa 8th century. (Long story short ~ Saraha was a Buddhist monk from a Priest-caste family who was expelled from his monastery for drinking alcohol. He became a wandering mendicant. He married a ”low-caste” woman and was further reviled

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Come On Baby, Light My Fire

COME ON BABY, LIGHT MY FIRE.   Beware of fanatics. Beware of crazy-wisdom gurus who seek to strip your ego bare. Those who would deign to temper your will. Those who presume to measure your soul. Beware of teachers who criticise.

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Fiction – Tipped Out Into The Void

Softly, softly, her vision constricted, as if heavy velvet curtains were being drawn closed, slowly gathered about by an invisible drawstring. These curtains narrowed her vista so that she saw only the head of a single white carnation bobbing on

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Real Versus Unreal

“You know what truth is? It’s some crazy thing my neighbor believes. If I want to make friends with him, I ask him what he believes. He tells me, and I say, “Yeah, yeah – ain’t it the truth?” ~Kurt

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Wakening from the dreaming forest there, the hazel-sprig sang under my tongue, its drifting fragrance climbed up through my conscious mind as if suddenly the roots I had left behind cried out to me, the land I had lost with

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Quotes on Spanda and Extracts from Spanda Karikas  (9th Century). Spanda is a Sanskrit term – derived from the root spadi: “to move a little”  – for the subtle creative pulse of the universe as it manifests into the dynamism

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Maimonides Quotes

Maimonides Quotes ”One should see the world, and see himself as a scale with an equal balance of good and evil. When he does one good deed the scale is tipped to the good – he and the world is

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Maimonides on Imagination

Maimonides on the Influence of Negative Emotions on the Imagination Edited Extracts ”We have thus described three kinds of perfection: mental perfection acquired by training, perfection of the natural constitution of the imaginative faculty, and moral perfection produced by the

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Maimonides On Angels

Edited Extracts. ”As for the existence of angels, there is no necessity to cite any proof from Scripture, where the fact is frequently mentioned. The termelohim  signifies “judges”. It has been figuratively applied to angels, and to the Creator as being

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The Secret Miracle ~ Jorge Luis Borges

For when you have a spare half hour 🙂 The Secret Miracle by Jorge Luis Borges And God made him die during the course of a hundred years and then He revived him and said: “How long have you been

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Creation’s Witness ~ Mirza Abdul Qader Bedil

(Image Source ~ Creation’s Witness By Mirza Abdul Qader Bedil   At time’s beginning that beauty which polished creation’s mirror caressed every atom with a hundred thousand suns. But this glory was never witnessed. When the human eye emerged, only

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How Shall I Define What Thing I Am ? ~ Mirza Khan Ansari

How Shall I Define What Thing I Am?   By  Mirza Khan Ansari   How shall I define what thing I am Wholly existent, and non-existent, I am.   Whatever becomes naught out of entity, The signification of that nothingness

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Teddy ~ J.D. Salinger

“If I were God, I certainly wouldn’t want people to love me sentimentally. It’s too unreliable.” The whole transcript of the short story ”Teddy” by J.D. Salinger (who wrote The Catcher in the Rye). Worthwhile, when you have a spare half hour

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The Diamond Sutra

The Diamond Sutra All conditioned dharmas Are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, or shadows; Like drops of dew, or like flashes of lightning; Thusly should they be contemplated…… ”If any disciple heaped together the seven treasures forming a mountain as high

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The Lens of the Anima ~ JR Haule

I am putting the link to this article, as it is one I like and from time to time come back to. Some may find it useful. Extracts… The standard doctrine of anima and animus illustrates the problem very

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An Introduction to Kabbalah ~Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi

I’ve been reading a very nice book called ‘‘The Way of Kabbalah” by Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi. It is really useful as an introduction for people looking to learn Kabbalah from the beginning, people like me who do not know

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Relaxing with the others after zazen one evening, Owl asked, ”What is the spirit of Zen practice?” Raven said ”Inquiry”. Owl cocked his head and asked ”What do I inquire about?” Raven said ”Good start!” ~ ZenMaster Raven by Robert

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Homecoming ~ Linda Reuther

(Image by Susan Seddon Boulet) HOMECOMING And the Great Mother said: Come my child and give me all that you are. I am not afraid of your strength and darkness, of your fear and pain. Give me your tears. They

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Interview with Marija Gimbutas   David: You have been largely responsible for the reemergence of Goddess consciousness in the western hemisphere. How do you feel about the way that this perspective is being interpreted socially and politically? Marija: The interpretation of Goddess in

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