Self Transcendence Workbook ~ T.D.A Lingo

Nutty. Crackers. Mad. Angry. Irascible. I bet T.D.A. Lingo was a pain to live with, although adored by many. My experience of the work of T.D.A. Lingo came through reading Neil Slade’s work many years ago. Neil Slade studied with Lingo and claims to be his successor. Many disagree. Slade formulated Pop Your Frontal Lobes, a way for sending energy into the amgydalae, clicking forward stuck creativity. I found it very useful at one time and still practice from time to time, with my own version. You can read Slade’s stuff here, whereupon I’m sure you will be asked to spend money eventually. It is the way of the world.

Freebie here (Don’t blame me if it sizzles your hard drive) (It won’t…. it won’t. Just kidding.)

But back to old Lingo…

”A researcher by the name of TDA Lingo established a brain and behavior research laboratory high in the the Colorado Rockies. Lingo came home after fighting in WWII plagued by one question: “Why must I kill my brother in war?” He attended several universities and dropped out shortly before completing his doctorate at the University of Chicago in order to pursue his studies independently. To fund his endeavour, he bought a guitar and started doing the rounds of his local clubs, eventually landing a job as host of a nationally broadcast NBC television variety show. On the last night his show was aired, he looked into the camera and asked if anyone had a mountain for sale. Someone did, and the “Dormant Brain Research and Development Center” was born on 250 acres of pristine wilderness west of Denver, Colorado, on what he would soon rename Laughing Coyote Mountain.

That was in 1957. Lingo remained on the mountain and conducted regular summer “Brain in Nature” courses for thirty-five years. There was no electricity on Laughing Coyote Mountain. Participants slept under the stars. Lingo typed their lessons on a manual typewriter and hand-cranked copies on an aging mimeograph machine. Keeping things simple was a vital part of his modus operandi.

Lingo’s contention was that the amygdala could be consciously controlled and used to “click on” the pleasure response in the frontal lobes. Eventually, the practitioner would, as Lingo put it, “pop their frontal lobes” and experience nirvana, samadhi, or what he simply called self-transcendence. Moreover, argued Lingo, the practice was as easy as flicking on a light switch and could be done by anyone, anywhere.”


So far, so good. So, here is a copy of T.D.A. Lingo’s collected work called ”Self-Transcendence Workbook”.


Click to access SelfTranscendenceWorkbook.pdf

Scroll through it if you are interested.

Excerpt ~

You are true. You are beautiful. You are good. Just as you are right now. Merely by
being who you are at this very moment when your eyes are reading this page, you have
the potential to be great. The brag is not phony. All that blocks the way to your perfect
fulfillment is your lack of self-confidence. You shall juice up your heroic self-confidence
immediately merely by learning a few facts about that tasty thing between your ears,
washed or unwashed.
Your rot of self-confidence in your Self is caused by only one thing: Nobody ever told
you — with hard facts and scientific honesty — that all human brains are 90% dormant.
And that they can be self-released into an awesome new order of intelligence, creativity
and longevity. And warless Earth.

Self Transcendence Workbook undermines your neurosis. The best way is to read it
straight through and do the lessons in order. But this may be too much too soon. If so,
just dip in wherever a title titillates. Each lesson is designed to give its good by itself.
You then can create your own chain of linked homeworks into your own matrix tennis
net of expanding understandings until you form your own lattice framework tool with
which to dig into your brain pile of neurosis.
Every little bit you dig out collapses a little bit more of your prior confusions, pains and
fears. Each day that you probe under your old bad learnings caves-in yet another part
of your emotional depression disease. Eventually, your pickie pickie work here and
there down the mineshaft of memory, along the drifts and slopes of childhood traumas
and into the main tunnels of your total malformed personality will collapse the entire massive massif mush of your neurosis to allow you to burst out and soar free into redemption and salvation up to the nebulae.

Yes. Dip into the Workbook here and there. Skim. Until courage ferment.

Work 20 minutes a day. Work in the morning when you wake with voluptuous glee,
before the metallic dictator clangs and poisons your deliciousness. Work while driving
the frolic freeway, zapping your rocketship between the comets. Work while ignoring
the holloween masks on the bus and the gargle breaths on the subway. Work while
doing your ordinary money making job and dancing around brain-blind mates and
teasing grumpy boss (carefully, carefully). Work at home during bathtub duckie dunkin;
during holy supper feast. Work before sleep.
At each twist and turn of your exploration you will feel tiny sluices of love. Small joys of
insight. Growing slabs of wisdom. Large rumbles of growth. Keep picking away.
Then, one mysterious day, your total neurosis will avalanche down and your total
genetic intelligence will erupt up. Perfectly. Into total You

Exercise Samples ~

I feel absolutely certain that I am good and that Life is good and that I and Life
are one. We are magnificently the same; unified; in love. Now magic is happening. I
no longer need to force my Self to think and imagine this thought and feel this feeling. It
purely is here, without thought or feeling, just like it was when I was a precious kid. I
am my kid. Hug.

Harmonize your clean child energy with whatever clean energy you can find in the city.
Play with a lawn, a tree, a cat, a sparrow. Play with your alarm clock, your toilet, your
car, your neighborhood. Play with morning crush hour traffic, with your wry job, with
your job mates, with your suspiciously watching boss (carefully, carefully). Play with
your family, with your inter-personal stressors, with your philosophy of existence. In
short, play with Life.
If possible, retreat periodically away from the artificial city, from the un-natural entropy.
Retreat to primal nature. Natural energy. Solitude in a log cabin. Harmonize your
clean child energy with the clean energy of the mountains, the sea, the plains, the
rivers, lakes meadows. Play with the deer and hawks and the splattered celestial dome.
Kid talk to them, with them. Talk out loud. Or just motor grumble-rumble. Or just
quietly murmur in your head. Or just understand everything silently in your soul.

Write down all the good things about your Self. List all the worthy parts of
your body and personality which give happiness to you and to others. Inventory your
PIES: your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual virtues. You are a precious

I have not read all of this manuscript. If there are dubious parts, don’t blame me. I put it here for your interest and my reference.

Animated portraits of cyborgs are whimsical nightmare fuel


Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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