Uddiyana Bandha ~ Abdominal Lock

Uddiyana Bandha.

The Abdominal Lock.

Please practice Agnisar Kriya regularly for some weeks first, before working with this technique.

Uddiyana is concerned with the chakras from navel to heart space to throat. (Manipura~Anahata~ Vishuddhi)

This Bandha can be practised standing up if your knees do not come near the floor when you sit cross-legged.

Suggested Benefits of this Practise ~ Panacea for abdominal complaints and sluggish digestion; to balance adrenals and soothe anxiety and stress; improved circulation in trunk; stimulates solar plexus which enables better distribution of subtle energy in body.

Sit in cross-legged position, spine erect and comfortable, shoulders relaxed, whole body aligned.  Prop yourself up with a higher cushion if the knees are not close to the floor. Close eyes and release any tightness in body. Stay calm and wait patiently till body and breath are fully settled.


Place the palms of the hands on the knees.

Inhale fully and then EXHALE FULLY and somewhat forcefully through the mouth so that lungs are completely empty.  This happens with a ”whoosh” sound.

Hold the breath out.

Hunch up and forwards the shoulders and press down through palms onto knees, straightening arms and keeping elbows locked.

Press the chin down against the area around collar bones.

Focusing on the navel, contract the stomach muscles inwards and upwards.

Do not over-contract.

Hold this position with the breath held out for as long as feels COMFORTABLE. Count the seconds with the heartbeat.


Then release abdominal muscles, relax shoulders, raise neck and head, unlock arms and then slowly INHALE.

Do not strain.

Stay now and wait for the breath and body to settle completely. It is possible that some of the muscles like the diaphragm or stomach muscles or pelvic floor muscles or so on will remain somewhat contracted after Uddiyana.  So, you are looking carefully now to notice and release any that remain held tight. Relax completely.

Never exhale or inhale AS you move the body into the lock. Breathe after or before movement as appropriate.

Repeat a couple of more rounds, with rests in between. Gradually, over several months,  work up to five rounds when it feels suitable and comfortable. If needed work up towards ten rounds.

You will notice that I err on the side of caution with these practices. This is because they are powerful techniques for the energy body and some people need very few to have a strong effect.  Uddiyana strongly stimulates the solar plexus and all the reserves we hold there. You are responsible for yourself, to observe over time the effects of the practice and to modify duration and repetition as required. If there are adverse reactions, such as too much emotional release or hyperactivity for examples,  simply discontinue the practice for now. Uddiyana should be practised some time after you have become comfortable with Moola Bandha and Jalandhara Bandha

Stomach should be empty, and bowels too, preferably.

Do not practice if you have heart or blood pressure problems, if you have any abdominal and digestive system complaint, or ulcer or hernia.



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