Agnisar Kriya ~ Abdominal Pulse

Agnisar Kriya.


”Cleansing by Fire.”


Preparation for Uddiyana Bandha (Abdominal Lock).

Sit either in Vajrasana, with the knees apart (as per diagram above).

Or in a comfortable cross-legged pose with the backside propped up sufficiently to enable the knees to come  down towards (or preferably to rest on) the floor.

Spine straight and comfortable. Body Relaxed. Eyes closed. Give yourself enough time to come into a stable stillness.

Breathe in fully (using abdomen as always).

Exhale fully, emptying lungs as much as possible and lean forwards, pushing down through palms onto knees and straightening arms.

Practice Jalandhara Bandha, tucking chin down to rest on upper chest.

Contract and expand abdominal muscles in and out like a bellows with the breath held out. This should be a quick ”light” movement, not too deep or extensive, and never uncomfortable or straining. About 10 expansions and contractions is enough, less if you need.


When you need to breathe in, stop abdominal contractions, release arms and raise head and neck. Relax shoulders and then breathe in.

Allow the body to completely normalise and feel comfortable before trying another couple of rounds with rests in between.


Three rounds is sufficient. As you get accustomed  the amount of movements you can do with your abdomen with the breath held out will increase. As you become accustomed you can also gradually increase the number of rounds, but quantity is not important. What is important is what your constitution needs.

But there must never be strain.


Also wait until any hyperventilation sensations have completely settled before doing another round.

Practise on an empty stomach. Do not practise in a hot environment. Do not practise if you suffer with high blood pressure or heart conditions, or any digestive problems.

Agnisar Kriya brings fire into the system and is good for the treatment of depression (which could be considered a ”damp” illness where the life force is smoldering rather than burning bright.)



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