Margot Anand on Sacred Sex

MARGOT ANAND ~ Writings on Sacred Sex.

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‘’When you are in love with someone, you do indeed see them as a divine being.

Now, suppose that is what they truly are and that your eyes have by your beloved been opened.

Through a tremendous outpouring of psychic energy in total devotion and worship for this other person, who is god or goddess, you realise, by total fusion and contact, the divine centre in them.

At once, it bounces back to you, and you discover your own.’’

(Alan Watts ~ Play to Live.)


‘’Light…Light. Visible reminder of Invisible Light’’.

TS Eliot.



”The schism that has taken place in the West between spirit and matter, between the transcendent and the secular, between the male and the female, and between the body and the mind, is healed in Tantra.  For Tantra brings together the seemingly irreconcilable, polarized, fragmented opposites into a coherent whole, as wholism is one of the paths and goals in Tantra.”

Shiva Nataraj



This post is based on the book ‘’The Art of Sexual Ecstasy’’ by Margot Anand. It’s a large book – and covers many practices such as loving yourself, honouring the body, opening to trust, uniting inner male and female, creating a sacred space, exercises and positions, healing the sex organs, tantra when single, and so on –  but the book culminates in what she refers to as the Three-Step Process, so that is what I will summarise briefly. Hers is only one possible description of Sacred Sex, but it is a good and clear one, so useful.



The Three-Step Process:

Generating the Streaming Reflex

Awakening the Ecstatic Response

Riding the Wave of Bliss


‘’Tantra is the art of choosing, with awareness, what brings you joy and that which opens the door to your spirit’’

~ Margot Anand.


Generating the Streaming Reflex

~The art of staying relaxed while in high states of arousal ~ building orgasmic potential while releasing tension so that the energy can be contained for longer periods of time ~ the energy charge is allowed to diffuse and spread from the core throughout the body ~

A) An essential root practice is what she calls the ‘’PC Pump’’ or Pubococcygeus Pump. I have described it elsewhere as Moola Bandha or Root Lock.

‘’ PC Pump Practice

1. Pulsing: Tighten and relax in quick, short pulsations. Do 20-30 repetitions, two or three times. Try to isolate the PC muscle (the ones you use to stop the flow of urine) from the anus/rectal muscles.

2. Pumping: Inhale and contract the PC muscle, hold for 6 seconds, then exhale and relax the muscles while gently bearing down. Do 10-20 repetitions, two or three times.

3. Practice both pulsing and pumping daily. You can do them in your car, at work, at home, on the toilet, in bed… anywhere you want..’’

B)The second part of Generating the Steaming Reflex is Sexual Breathing. Practice while lying down. Hands covering genitals or in that direction..

NOTE : The ‘’Inner Flute’’ Is the channel in the centre of the body that connects the Chakras from the base (Mooladhara) to the Crown (Sahasrara). From a biological perspective, it connects the endocrine glands – sex glands, adrenals, pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, and pineal.  Called by Taoists the ‘’Hollow Bamboo’’.

‘’ In the book Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, W.Y., Evans Wentz describes an exercise in which the advanced mediator, learning the art of self rejuvenation, visualises a nerve canal; running from a point between his legs to the top of his head, possessing the following characteristics “redness like that of a solution of lac, brightness like that of the flame of a sesame oil lamp, straightness like that of an inner core of the plantain plant and hollowness like that of a hollow tube of paper”.’’


‘’ Sexual Breathing Practice

1. Pucker your lips like sucking through a large straw. Inhale gently and deeply through the mouth. Then relax your lips, and let the air flow out.

2. Combine Sexual Breathing with the PC Pump:

a) Inhale, and contract the PC muscle

b) Exhale, and relax the PC muscle. Use natural breathing.

c) Feel the sensations as they spread through the entire pelvis.

3. a) Inhale, and imagine you are sucking air into your body through your root Chakra/sexual energy center, entering the Inner Flute, and moving up through your body. (Gradually as you become accustomed, the breath will slow and deepen and allow the awareness to move all the way comfortably to the crown on one breath – Until then just go up as high through the chakras as feels comfortable)

b) Exhale, and visualize the air flowing back down the Inner Flute and out through your root.

c) Use the sweep of your hands, if helpful, to guide the direction of the breath.  (Keep left hand on or near genitals and move right hand up to either forehead or crown)

4. Enhance pleasurable sensations in the genital area through your breathing and PC muscle contractions.’’


Continue for 5 ~ 10 minutes or so, noting any sensations.


C) The last practice in this section is Pelvic Rocking. Look, you can figure this out yourself. Any movement that loosens up the sacral area and keeps the energy flowing there is good – so belly dancing, hip swinging, shaking that tail, whatever… (Twerking? 😀 )

‘’ Pelvic Rocking Practice

1. Rhythmically rotate the pelvis back and forth, while keeping the chest still. As you quicken the pace, allow your movement to enhance pleasurable feelings. Enjoy these sensations. Relax and be playful.

2. Inhale and rock the pelvis back. Exhale, and rock the pelvis forward.

3. Expand sensations by beginning Sexual Breathing. Pucker your lips like sucking through a straw. Inhale through your root Chakra, drawing energy in and up the Inner Flute, as you rotate the pelvis back. Exhale, drawing energy down the Inner Flute, and out through your root/sexual energy center.

4. Make a sound or sigh with the exhalation, like “Aaah.” Relax and let go as you make the sound. Use Breath, Movement, and Sound to stimulate the pleasurable sensations in your pelvis and genitals.

5. Add the PC Pump: Inhale through your root Chakra, drawing energy in and up the Inner Flute as you rotate the pelvis back, contract the PC muscle. Exhale down through the Inner Flute, through your root, rotate pelvis forward, and relax the PC muscle. Allow the pleasurable sensations and arousal to spread through the entire body.’’


NOTE : When doing this sitting use a firm cushion ( zafu). Better on an empty stomach. Keep it cheerful 🙂



‘’When opposites no longer damage each other,

Both are benefitted through the attainment of Tao…

Therefore, the wise identifies opposites as one,

And sets an example for the world.’’

(Tao Teh Ching)




Awakening the Ecstatic Response

~Expanding orgasm beyond the genitals. Increasing amplitude of vibrations so that streaming occurs spontaneously. Dissolving tensions that inhibit streaming (refer to Reich’s ‘’armouring’’). Expansion. Cleansing. ..and so on..~

The Four practices  here are ..

Shaking Loose

The Streaming Process


And Bonding.

Shaking Loose

Standing. Loose or no clothing. Use music ( drum beat or dance music). Move through the body systematically starting with the hands, and shake loose any tensions or resistance in the body as you dance. Stay aware of your sensations. Rest when you need. Shake gently. Breathe freely. Keep your mind focused on the activity. Make any sounds you want. At the end, just dance……(like no one is watching)

The Streaming Process

”1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees bent, back straight, and arms hanging loosely at your sides.

Keep your jaw and belly relaxed, and breathe through your mouth.

2. Bend knees a little deeper to create a stress position around the knees, legs, and thigh muscles from which the first tremblings will arise. Keep the genital and anal muscles relaxed throughout the practice so that the streaming energy can move through your pelvis.

3. Rock slowly forward onto the balls of your feet, then rock back onto your heels, as if you are allowing yourself to fall backward, stopping yourself at the last minute. Hold yourself there, on the brink between standing and falling, as long as you can. “Listen” for a slight tremor that may be developing in the leg muscles from maintaining this position. Accentuate any movements that produce the most trembling sensations.

4. Visualize an image (standing naked in the snow, coming out of a cold ocean shaking water from your body, etc.) that would make you tremble, and voluntarily begin to tremble in your knees and legs.

5. As soon as you detect the slightest shaking, relax and breathe into it. Allow the trembling to spread to surrounding areas, creeping from your knees up into your thighs, through the genitals and waist.

6. Amplify the sensations, with movement, breath, and sound. Dance with your hips, jiggle your arms, or invite any movement that will induce streaming energy. Breathe deeper and make sound as you exhale. Intensify the rhythm and tempo of your vibrations. Like ripples in a pond, allow the sensations to spread through your body. Surrender control from your mind to your body, welcoming the experience of involuntary streaming. If you lose touch with the sensations, simply repeat the rocking motion until you rediscover them.

7. Imagine that your Inner Flute is a channel through which you can direct your energy like a current that flows between the two poles — the genitals and the brain — streaming continuously between them. ‘’



Lying down….(can be done alone or with partner)

‘’ a. Close your eyes, and relax your pelvis. Focus attention inside your body on the feelings from the Streaming Process.

b. Breathe through your mouth, exhaling slowly with a sigh or small sound, and let your thighs fall outward. Feel that you are opening yourself.

c. As your inhale slowly, bring your thighs back together, feeling that you are taking your energy back into yourself. Let your inhaling and exhaling be even and continuous, with no pause between them.

d. To encourage streaming in your pelvis and thighs, let your thighs fall outward gently and slowly but not completely. Stop them at a point just before full relaxation, maintaining a slight tension around your hip joints. You can also use the PC pump. As you feel energy beginning to stream, stimulate it further by focusing your breathing in that area and relaxing it.’’



(Obviously done with partner)

‘’ Choose a comfortable, soft place to lie together.

 Lie close together in any comfortable position, such as: the spoon position with adequate support under your heads; the lighter partner lying on top of the heavier one; or, any other position of lying close while being relaxed.

 Do not hesitate to adjust your position or to tell each other if you need to move during this exploration. Remember to make any movement slow and gentle.

 Relax your body fully. Relax your face, especially around the eyes and mouth. Let the tongue float freely. As you exhale, release any need to think and analyze. Let thoughts dissolve.

 Breathe in a relaxed, slow, and deep manner. You may want to harmonize your breathing rhythms, inhaling and exhaling together effortlessly. You may also want to explore inverted breathing, when one exhales, the other inhales simultaneously. Let this exploration become effortless.

Let any tensions, fears, resentments, or worries be released with your exhalation. No disappointment remains, no anger, no expectations. Your heart is simply open. Feel the relief, the tranquility. Feel yourself becoming lighter each time you exhale.

Enter the realm of feelings.

The more sensitive and transparent you become, the more you begin to feel formless, entering a new reality where doing and not doing are one. As you feel the connection between your warmth, energy currents, and heartbeats, the boundaries between your bodies will begin to merge and dissolve.  Can your heart welcome your partner deeply and openly? Can your spirits connect?’’


‘’Love is the secret key; it opens the door of the divine. Laugh, love, be alive, sing, become a hollow bamboo and let His song flow through you…’’



‘’I believe in the flesh and the appetites. Seeing, hearing and feeling are miracles, and each part and tag of me is a miracle.’’

(Walt Whitman)




'Here in this body are the sacred rivers: here are the sun and moon as well as all the pilgrimage places I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.' ~ Saraha

Riding the Wave of Bliss


There is a lot of intermediate practises in the book, before this one. But basically all practices lead to

Riding the Wave of Bliss.

It is worth getting the book if you want to delve further. I am not

Recommending any pdf download, because I can’t figure out ‘’safe’’ ones. This is a very abbreviated

description, so research yourself….

‘’In the Wave of Bliss the man sits in the Opening Lotus position with the woman sitting in his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist. Their mouths are touching and the man’s Vajra is inside the woman’s Yoni. Erotic arousal in this position happens internally with no external movements of the body……It’s all going on inside, with muscle contractions and breathing.’’

‘’All the body’s ‘gates’ are ‘locked’ ~ The sexual gate is locked because the two partners are inside each other. The anal gate is shut…through the PC Pump. ….The gate of the mouth is locked, because the partner’s mouths are firmly pressed together…Energy that normally escapes through the eyes is recirculated by gazing into each other’s eyes…Energy is contained, because arousal is achieved through the subtle internal movements of the genital muscles, harmonized with the breathing.’’

‘’Keep the energy inside; breathe into it softly. Stay focussed on it; relax into it. ‘


Use Pelvic Rocking, Sexual Breathing, Opening Inner Flute, Inverted Breathing (having breathed in rhythm for some time, change so that while one inhales and ‘absorbs’ the other exhales and ‘gives’. PC Pump moves the energy up from the genitals.)


’The Infinite Cycle ~

”In this final step you will create a continuous, circular flow of energy as it passes up through the woman  and down through the man. The female partner inhales, drawing the energy from her sex centre up the Inner Flute to her mouth…then she exhales into her partner’s mouth, visualizing that the energy is passing..down through his Inner Flute to his genitals, completing one cycle. On the next inhalation, the female partner again picks up the energy at her own sex centre, …..(and so on)….’’

‘’The male partner visualises the movement of energy in the same way as the woman. Inhaling he receives the breath and energy of his female partner through his mouth and sends it down his Inner Flute..all the way to his genitals. Exhaling, he imagines the energy passing out through his Vajra into the woman’s Yoni, and then up her Inner Flute to her mouth…(and so on)……’’

(This cycle should be reversed after some time. Breathing etc. should be relaxed.  Only the partner who is directing energy UP the Inner Flute should practice PC Pump. The other should keep genitals relaxed.)


‘’For some, sex leads to sainthood; for others it is the road to hell….all depends on one’s point of view’’

(Henry Miller)


Important Addendum : I am no ‘’sexpert’’. I am just passing along the (abbreviated) information. 

‘’The Way to Do is To Be’’

(Tao Teh Ching)


Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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