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The Notebooks of Paul Brunton

Paul Brunton could be considered a Western Mystic in the sense that he was born in Britain, and influenced by Theosophy. But his main source of inspiration came from the east in the form of Sri Ramana Maharishi. His Notebooks

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Rupert Sheldrake On Prayer

(Relationship Mandala ~ Keith Allen Kay) Rupert Sheldrake might not call himself a Mystic, but I find him so. He is a gentle soul exploring radical concepts (to present day science) of the Morphic Field. Here are a couple of

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Sweetening Judgements ~ Tau Malachi

I was sitting on the side of a mountain at the weekend, on an island, looking out at the sea, waiting for my husband who had gone in search of more archaeology (rolls eyes)…just fed up with walking around in

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Non – Duality


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Self Transcendence Workbook ~ T.D.A Lingo

Nutty. Crackers. Mad. Angry. Irascible. I bet T.D.A. Lingo was a pain to live with, although adored by many. My experience of the work of T.D.A. Lingo came through reading Neil Slade’s work many years ago. Neil Slade studied with

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Zen Monk Ryokan

Ryōkan Taigu (良寛大愚?) (1758–1831) was a quiet and eccentric Sōtō Zen Buddhist monk who lived much of his life as a hermit.Ryōkan is remembered for his poetry and calligraphy, which present the essence of Zen life (Wikipedia) I’m a fool, it’s a fact, Living with the trees and plants as

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Resurrection ~ Vladimir Holan

Resurrection by Vladimir Holan Is it true that after this life of ours we shall one day be awakened by a terrifying clamour of trumpets? Forgive me, God, but I console myself that the beginning and resurrection of all of

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Marguerite Porete ~ French Mystic

(Painting by Dhanajay Mukherjee) Marguerite Porete She was a medieval visionary burned at the stake in the 14th century for heresy. Her vision of the Divine is the same as those blissful mendicants like Lal Ded who wandered naked singing

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Chao Te Ching

Reprint of whole of Chao Te Ching from HERE! For when you have an hour or so to spare and are brazenly refusing to do any housework. 1 The Universe that can be described is not the real Universe; The name

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Petty Tyrants ~ Casteneda

Self-importance is our greatest enemy. Think about it – what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone.Every effort should be

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Uddiyana Bandha ~ Abdominal Lock

Uddiyana Bandha. The Abdominal Lock. Please practice Agnisar Kriya regularly for some weeks first, before working with this technique. Uddiyana is concerned with the chakras from navel to heart space to throat. (Manipura~Anahata~ Vishuddhi) This Bandha can be practised standing up

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Agnisar Kriya ~ Abdominal Pulse

Agnisar Kriya.   ”Cleansing by Fire.”   Preparation for Uddiyana Bandha (Abdominal Lock). Sit either in Vajrasana, with the knees apart (as per diagram above). Or in a comfortable cross-legged pose with the backside propped up sufficiently to enable the

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Jalandhara Bandha ~ Throat Lock

Jalandhara Bandha. The Throat Lock. This is the lock (bandha) which controls the nadis (psychic passageways) and nerves and blood vessels that flow through the neck to the brain. Jalandhara Bandha is concerned with the upper Chakras, like Ajna and

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The Waking ~ Theodore Roethke

The Waking BY Theodore Roethke I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.    I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.    I learn by going where I have to go. We think by feeling. What is there to

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Viveka ~ Discrimination

Maya (Illusion) is enthroned in the imagination of the mind. How cunning she is! A Viveki knows her tricks well. She (Maya) is awfully afraid of the man of renunciation. She bows to him with folded hands.  ~ Swami Sivananda

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Bankei ~ Abide in the Unborn

”Instead of Holding onto things in your mind, Go and Sing!” Not angry when abused, not happy when praised, a great blockhead of the universe! Going along as circumstances carry me—north, south, east, west, without hiding my ugliness and clumsiness

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The Ten Bulls of Zen

1. The Search for the Bull In the pasture of this world, I endlessly push aside the tall grasses in search of the bull. Following unnamed rivers, lost upon the interpenetrating paths of distant mountains, My strength failing and my vitality

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The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Can it be Paradise if even one being suffers? Can we live like the emperors of the world on the backs of others? Can we turn a blind eye? The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas by Ursula le Guin

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On Vegetarianism

  I’m not trying to shove vegetables down anyone’s throat, but just exploring this option of us not needing to kill other sentient creatures for food or resources. It is not a judgement here, but with mass extinction of species

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Ode ~ William O’ Shaughnessy

  First time I heard a part of this poem was when I was about 6 or 7, and Willy Wonka was the new Christmas movie. It’s from a poem called Ode by an Irish civil servant called Arthur O’

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