Pop Your Frontal Lobes

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The Amygdalae are almond-shaped groups of Neurons, one in each brain hemisphere, located about an inch in from the temples on each side of your head.

The Amygdala is tied up both with Fight or Flight and the instinctive reactions, having a close association with the Reptilian Brian – also with breathing, heart beat etc. – and with the Frontal Lobes where all the good stuff happens, plus  (possibly) precognition, clairvoyance, esp, etc.

The Amygdala is highly reactive to negative self talk and emotions, and it holds our traumas. Sometimes it won’t let them go. We get stuck in PTSD or Anxiety Disorder, or neuroses or psychoses, etc…mainly because the processing forwards from the Amygdala to the Frrontal Cortex – where we can creatively reason and thus release traumas – is blocked.

This can be for genetic reasons – the serotonin re-uptake gene can have 2 short alleles, making us more ”reactive”, or the Amygdala can be genetically smaller (and perhaps less efficient) or there is an interruption in or ”inefficiency” in the circuit running between the Amygdala and the Cingulate Cortex, which causes a failure to put the brakes on the runaway Amygdala …Joseph Le Doux (among others) is good on all this stuff if you want to research…

The Amygdalae are also tied into the Bliss response – it has a direct line to our Frontal Lobes, the least known part of the brain – the most modern part, where Abstract Thought, Creativity and Higher Mental Processes take place.

But – for various reasons – societal, anthropological, psychological, cultural etc. – our Amygdalae are getting over-stimulated in the wrong way. Constant threat or ”perceived” threat diminishes our Bliss Potential.

”The Amygdala has ”hi-jacked” our brain”

Joseph Le Doux

In other words we can fire forwards from the Amygdala to the Frontal Lobes, or we can keep firing backwards to the Reptilian and Mammalian brain.

”These tissues (amygdalae) which become highly activated when we dream, when we pray and when we take drugs such as LSD, enable us to experience those realms of reality normally filtered from consciousness, including the reality of God, the spirit, the soul and life after death”

Dr Rhawn Joseph (Neuropsychologist)

”The Amygdala is always talking to the pre-frontal cortex. So Tell it about joy, instead of telling it you are a frightened unhappy person who deserves to suffer”

Janice Dorn (Brain anatomist and Psychiatrist)

TDA Lingo is an interesting character, who bought a mountain in Colorado, which he named ”Laughing Coyote Mountain” and he set up the ”Dormant Brain Research Centre”.

He was inspired to do this after returning from war..and finding himself obsessed with the question ” Why must I kill my brother in war?”. He judged it was all to do with (often unconscious) motivation and he spent decades researching access to ”Nirvana, Born Again, Moksha” etc…insisting that the theories be made freely available.

I highly recommend this snippet of youtube about him…

‘If you ain’t purty, you better be smart!”

TDA Lingo


Neil Slade was highly influenced by Lingo and has loads of stuff on his site –www.neilslade.com –  about how we can ”pop” the frontal lobes, or Frontal Lobe Transcendence. He has books for sale there..but you don’t really need one. it’s pretty simple really.

Guided Imagery, Meditation, Creative Imagination, Laughter, Peak Experiences,  Positive Thought, Good emotions – all switch the Amygdala forwards. He recommends various visualisations to stimulate brain awakening and easier access to transcendence. He has one famous one about visualising a bright blue feather in your hand and you imagine that you insert it through your forehead, or temple and ”TICKLE” the front part or anterior amygdala. This practice is recommended to be done often – the more stimulation the better.

There are other methods, such as visualising your amygdala as luminous and bright, or  whatever.

Before I came across Neil Slade I discovered the Amygdala’s strong relationship to anxiety and I developed a visualisation technique for myself, with the idea/intent of turning the back part of the amygdala off and the front part on. The back part is what links straight to the fight, fright or flight part of the brain. The visualisation is a  bit silly – but silly is okay 🙂 It is based on cartoon characters called the Numbskulls – maybe you know them. I always liked them.

I visualised a Numbskull jumping up and down on a rusty ”stuck” lever at the back of my Amygdalae (each one in turn) until the lever would move down to OFF position and, when it did, a bright light like a car headlight would come on in the front of the Amygdala beaming right through to the Frontal Lobes, where terror could be creatively managed. It worked well for me. On my door I put a thumbnail picture of Mr Numbskull jumping up and down, to remind me to do it often. Here is a version…


I still prefer this visualisation to the ”feather” but maybe the trick is to make it your own – to find something that works for you…

So, that’s it – Fear or Ecstasy – it’s our choice.



Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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