Mooladhara Chakra

”This is the level of awareness that is symbolised by the Biblical story of Adam and Eve after they ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. That is, their ”fall” occurred when they lost contact with the deeper core of their being, when they became selfish and totally lost in the world of objects. The Garden of Eden represents the world. It can either be experienced as a heaven or hell; it depends entirely on the level of harmony, understanding and awareness. Before Adam and Eve ate the first fruit of the tree of good and evil, they were in a heavenly state, in the higher chakras or sahasrara; after taking the forbidden fruit, they descended to the level of mundane experience and perception. The Garden of Eden did not change –the world remained the same – but their relationship, their understanding and their identification completely changed”

Swami Nischalananda – ‘The Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya’.

The world can either be a place of Bliss or Dissatisfaction. It depends entirely on the awareness.

”This earthiest and most basic of the chakras guides us to the highest consciousness..the impulses of life rise through the body and flower as the widest expansion of our awareness..”

~ (Swami Satyananda)

Moola means Root, and Adhara means Substratum…so Mooladhara means the Root Substratum. It is the support and the springboard.

There are chakras below Mooladhara relating for example to the inanimate kingdoms, plant life, insect and animal life. These chakras do not operate with self-awareness. Even at Mooladhara (and the next chakra – Swadisthana) we are still operating largely instinctively. Kundalini is said to reside at Mooladhara (although this may not be so in all) – this is because it is at this point we begin to become aware of ourselves, in however an egocentric manner.

”The power of consciousness resides in the form of kundalini in the Mooladhara chakra. It is in the shape of a serpent with three and a half coils. When this serpent power lies dormant in the human body, then men and women lead an instinctive life”

~ Gherand Samhita (17th century) Ch 3  Vs 44-45.

At this chakra we live almost entirely self-centred lives, driven and motivated by finding security in the world – material objects, money, friends to help us feel more secure, and even in some cases children to ”look after us”.

In the symbolic representation of Mooladhara Chakra there is a deep red lotus with four petals. Within this is a lingam (phallic symbol) called the swayambhu linga  or the ‘self-existing lingam’. It is depicted as smoky-coloured. A serpent is wrapped three and a half times around the lingam representing kundalini. Often the  serpents head is depicted pointing downwards indicating that kundalini is asleep. There is often a yellow square depicted which represents the earth element or prithvi tattwa. This yellow or golden square is sometimes shown as surrounded by eight golden spears, four at each corner and four at the cardinal points. There is ofetn an elephant with seven trunks shown supporting the yellow square – representing great strength and solidity. Also there is an inverted RED triangle symbolising the powerful SHAKTI which manifests all things. The bija mantra (seed mantra) is LAM, which is pronounced kind of like L-ah-M. (Not as flat as AH and not as broad as AW – somewhere between the two….sorry i can’t say it in writing).

Even just repeatedly chanting this seed mantra is good for Mooladhara balancing.

The deities associated with the chakra are Pashupati or Shiva  as lord of the animals – the primal form of Shiva, and Ganesha – remover of obstacles, and Dakini the resplendent devi who is the carrier of pure intelligence. The sense of smell is closely associated with Mooladhara. The organ associated is the anus. The nose and anus often feel stimulated or itchy when Mooladhara is awakening, and the sense of smell can become very acute – offensive odours may become unbearable….

In the male Mooladhara is located midway between the anus and the genitals, a centimetre or so above the skin surface of the perineum.

In the female Mooladhara is located at the posterior side of the cervix where the uterus and cervix join.

Mooladhara is related to the Coccygeal plexus

Moola Bandha is a useful practice for both locating and stimulating Mooladhara chakra.

Mooladhara is the storehouse of the passions, the agonies, the guilt, the complexes. It is said that madness and neuroses arises from not being able to get Shakti out of Mooladhara. Humankind’s existence is controlled by the sexual desires – one’s whole being is founded on the sexual personality. Everything is influenced by sexual awareness. often this causes bitterness and frustration. But it is not a solution to give up, to abandon the impulse – instead the Mooladhara passions aught to be first experienced, expressed and then purified-

”the consciousness must awaken and the purpose of the whole act must be transmuted.”

”The greatest mistake mankind has been making for thousands of years is that man has been fighting with himself. He wants to renounce sex but has not been able to do it…it is important that Mooladhara awakening takes place..then you must make your mind totally free”

~ Swami Satyananda – Kundalini Tantra.

When Mooladhara awakens there may be a great release of material from the unconscious…many aspects of personality that were hidden may manifest. Repressed emotions may express themselves.

”Passions mount ..and all kinds of infatuations ensue, making the sadhaka extremely irritable and unstable at times. (S)He can be seen sitting quietly in contemplation one moment and hurling objects at someone the next.”


If this kind of explosion does not occur it is said that awakening will take place slower over lifetimes as we work out our ”stuff” It is said to be helpful to work simultaneously with Ajna Chakra so that one may maintain some detachment.

Be a lover as they are,

that you come to know your Beloved.

Be faithful that you may know Faith.

The other parts of the universe did not accept
the next responsibility of love as you can.
They were afraid they might make a mistake with it,

the inspired knowing
that springs from being in love




Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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