Alternate Nostril Psychic Breathing

Alternate Nostril Psychic Breathing

This is not Nadi Shodhan (Anuloma Viloma) which uses manipulation of nostrils with finger and thumb –

This is a simple VISUALISED technique, which calms the mind, and helps release tension and induce sleep.

Lying down. Eyes closed. Take time to relax body completely.

Become aware of the breath in the nostrils.

The cool breath on the way in.

The slightly warmer breath on the way out.

Let the breathing come and go at its own pace and depth.

No straining. No effort.

Begin the practice by visualising the inhalation travelling in ONLY through the LEFT nostril.

Follow it up along the nostril to the bridge of the nose, or the eyebrow centre.

Then visualise the exhalation travelling out ONLY through the RIGHT nostril, down to a point an inch or so below right nostril.

Then visualise the next inhalation travelling in ONLY through RIGHT nostril, up to the bridge of the nose or eyebrow centre.

And finally, visualise the exhalation travelling out ONLY through the LEFT nostril, to a point an inch or so below left nostril.

This is ONE ROUND – In through the Left, out through the right, in through the right again, and out through the left. Start and finish each round at the left side.

It does not matter if one or both nostrils are blocked – this is a simple visualisation – just follow an easy imagined ”triangular” pattern in the breath. The nostrils naturally follow a pattern whereby one dominates every 90 minutes or so – they only equalise briefly for a minute or so before changing – therefore one nostril is always bound to feel a little stuffed up.

Continue Alternate Nostril Psychic Breathing for as long as you want or you need.

IF YOU WISH you can mentally repeat OM to the speed of the heartbeat if you can hear it, or mentally repeat the mantra of the breath – SO ( on inhalation) and  HAM (on exhalation)

– So Ham…………. So Ham..etc

(Ham pron. Hahwm


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