Ten Grounds of Bodhisattva


These are said to be the stages or grounds (also called Bhumis) that the Bodhisattva must traverse to reach enlightenment.

It is mainly from the Tibetan Mahayana tradition.

The Ten Grounds are…

1)The Joyful Land or Great Joy (Happiness)

This is the elation that arises at the first thoughts of enlightenment and the path, and especially the joy of knowing how it will benefit all beings if oneself is liberated. One sees all beings as equal and is freed from fear. The seeker is generous.

a Bodhisattva-Mahāsattva abiding on this Joyful Ground has much joy, much pure faith, much delight, much comfort, much enjoyment, much exuberance, and much valor. He has no aggression, no spite, and no anger

2) The Land of Purity or ‘Stainless’ ( Leaving Filth)

This is the moral discipline that the seeker cultivates in order to overcome the lower personality traits, and evolve unconditional compassion. Development of discriminating wisdom.

3) The Radiant Land or ”Luminous” (Emitting Light)

Here the seeker cultivates patience so that they can bear all obstacles and burdens on the path. They have the ability to explain in a clear manner.

4) The Blazing Land  (Blazing Wisdom)

This is about the perfection of the energy body. All remaining false notions are burned away. it requires commitment and effort. Only good qualities are pursued. No distinction is made between the Buddha’s world and the mundane world…ie Non-Dualism.

5) The Land that is Difficult to Conquer or ‘difficult to Train’ (Invincibility)

This is where the seeker perfects meditation and develops fully the ability not to respond negatively to outside situations, or to be emotionally involved if others respond negatively to attempts to help. They cultivate devotion to helping others attain perfection.

6) The Land Looking Forward to Wisdom (Manifestation)

The seeker understands the substratum of all appearances, and the dependent arising of all things, the empty nature, the cycles of arising and dissolving, and so on, thus establishing wisdom. They do not dwell in either samsara (suffering) nor nirvana (liberation)

7) The Far Reaching Land or ”Gone Afar” (Travelling Far)

The seeker can manifest in the world according to the help required by other beings. They have skillful means.

8)The Immovable Land (Not Moving)

The seeker can never be set back now from realisation. There is no disturbance.

9) The Land of Good Thoughts (Good Wisdom)

The seeker now understands fully and can teach the wisdom, and find the means to do so. All beings are seen as one’s Mother and Father.

10) The Land of Dharma Clouds.

The seeker is Buddha. Fully realised. The arising of Primordial Wisdom


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