Parasite Purge!

Parasite Purge.


There was a naturopathic doctor called Dr Khanna who I once spent some time with, because he was treating my baby boy for dysentery. We were in Almora, in the Himalayas. The doctor lived in a beautiful house in the forest, and every morning for several weeks we drank tea together on his patio, metres away from the mosaic-covered mausoleum he had constructed for his wife. He felt the need to be near to her, I guess, even though she was dead.

He told me a story about a wild boy who had been brought to him, by his well-to-do parents from Delhi. The little boy was very agitated and violent and given over to mad, peculiar behaviour and embarrassing habits, so that his parents were at their wits end. Dr Khanna felt immediately that the boy had parasites ~ in a sense he was ”possessed”. And so he treated him with various homeopathic tinctures. But his main treatment was that the boy would eat several ripe Pomegranates every day, which he did. After a number of weeks, the boy suddenly passed a vast quantity of worms from his digestive tract. Dr. Khanna said he had been grossly infested by parasites. Immediately after this purge, the boy was transformed into a happy, well-behaved child.

Pomegranate is a traditional wormer. Raw Papaya is another ayurvedic cure for intestinal worms. Eating 2 apples every night before sleep is another cure. Fresh carrot juice on an empty stomach in the morning another. Also said to be a cure for worms in the stomach is eating 2 tomatoes every morning for 2 weeks.

Children who are infested with worms will scratch and poke at their bottoms; sucking fingers and thumb, itchy nose, picking nose, bad dreams, hyperactivity, teeth-grinding, grumpiness and aggressiveness, and  irrational behaviour (as a result of toxins given off into blood-stream from periodic die-offs of parasites) is common. A common homeopathic remedy for worms is Cina, and may be given periodically to children as a precaution which I did from time to time for my children, though in stubborn cases a more constitutional remedy may be needed. Worm family pets as well.

Tapeworms will probably respond best to allopathic medicine as they need to be got out as soon as possible. They are a dangerous parasite, so no dabbling.

Garlic and pumpkin seeds are other useful vermifuges (anti-parasitic medicines).

Worms do not like raw onions, garlic, raw carrots,  pickles and salty things so it is said to each such foods before embarking on a herbal treatment, such as strong tea of Wormwood or Tansy, followed by the laxative tea Senna.  Folklore claims worms are easiest to dislodge in the waxing moon, just before it is full.

Paul Pitchford, in his brilliant book ”Healing with Wholefoods” has a more concentrated program for purging parasites, because he contends that most of us have some degree of infestation, and that most degenerative conditions spring from parasites. He includes yeasts and bacteria along with more traditional ‘worms’ . Note: worms do not only remain in the intestines, or even in the blood ~ they travel to all organs. Washing hands before eating and thoroughly cleaning raw foods, and thoroughly cooking meats etc that might harbour worms are obvious external precautions. Pitchford recommends chewing 1/4 cup of raw rice for breakfast as treatment. This scrubs the intestines. Good quality apple cider vinegar before meals or in dressings also tones the system to purge.  He advises eating sauerkraut, and pro-biotic yoghurts to keep intestines strong. Foods that repel parasites, according to him, are Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Garlic, Leek, Onion, Radish, Fennel, Cloves, Sage, Ginger. And lots of Pumpkin seeds chewed well and eaten raw. Thin slices of Garlic between apple slices is remedy for childhood worms.


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