Birth at Balsamic Moon

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  • On the Lunar Calendar: 10 ½ days after the Full Moon, up to the New Moon NOTE>>>COUNT THE DAYS AFTER THE FULL MOON>>NOT INCLUDING….

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  • Degree: 315-360 degrees ahead of the Sun
  • Inner Directive: completion, preparation for new

If this is your Moon phase, you see in the dark. You’re at home when enveloped in mysteries, especially the ultimate mystery – death. Your life purpose is to tie up loose ends, and create a nutrient-rich environment for the new to germinate.

You may feel unreal, and in the shadows, since much of what’s taken as culture is old hat to you. As a youngster, you might feel like you’re going through the motions, that nothing satisfies. You don’t sink into current culture, because your role is to distill it into the new.

Your nature is to mix it all in the cauldron, and with the heat, busting open seeds for the new. You live with one eye on the future, and are often detached from current events and culture. Your role is to vision the future, out of what’s fermented from the past.


Just as a shaman straddles two worlds, so do you. You may be drawn to the healing arts, and be especially intuitive. As an artist, you create original works that give a first glimpse of the emerging future. Your Moon phase is about ending, but it’s there in the womblike dark, that the new is birthed.

Your Moon phase is an initiation into new ways of being. The old and new overlap, as you resolve past karma, and wrap up relationships. You may have a lot of brief ties with specific work to do, before moving on. As the old is completed, you catch sight of the new. You may be a visionary seer that is a guide for others across that bridge

Birth at Balsamic Moon


The Balsamic Phase is the last phase of the Moon’s cycle. This is the time of adjustment from one cycle to another. It is the bridge between the past and the future. People born at this time are finishing an eight phase cycle of lifetimes. Therefore, this lifetime is a very karmic one. There is a pattern of very intense, all-consuming although short term relationships with people from the past including other lifetimes. These karmic ties are in need of resolution before continuing on into the next new cycle. These people often have pronounced psychic abilities. They are the visionaries seeing years ahead of their times. As children they often feel apart from their peers; they are loners. Balsamic Moon people are able to take the true meaning of a situation, distill it into its wisdom essence and plant it into the awareness of others. They are the gurus. Their job is the transmission of essential knowledge which will germinate at the next level during the next Lunation Cycle.

Keywords: Incubation; Preparation; Closure; Surrender


Some astrologers suggest that Balsamic births are a karmic “finishing up” lifetime, for bringing to a close unfinished business from prior incarnations. Whatever Moon phase we’re born under, we share an imperative to deal with past karma, to right wrong imprints left by a string of past lives. But I’m intrigued by what lunation expert Demetra George has said about Balsamics in this regard. She suggests they frequently go through a series of intense, short-lived relationships. These are rendezvous with past life partners, with whom the karmic scales need balancing. Once this occurs, however neatly or mysteriously, the relationship can dissolve, as suddenly as it began.

Balsamics have a strong future-orientation. They’re often ahead of the curve, like the kid doing slick skateboard tricks long before Tony Hawk made it popular. This doesn’t mean Balsamics know what’s going to happen. In fact they’re usually more confused than the rest about where they’re headed. Well-meaning astrologers might want to help with inspiring crystal-ball work. But this in effect subverts the mysterious process of Dark Moon births.

Balsamic instincts are likely better than any astrologer’s. But instead of naming the future, these individuals need to live it, feeling their way as they go. Ask a Balsamic how they accomplished their life’s greatest changes, and they’ll usually say “It just happened” or “I fell into it.” They ride the wave until they land on the beach. There’s nothing passive to this approach. Rather it’s a deeper form of intelligence, about which reason doesn’t know much.

. If Balsamics are indeed “old souls”, wrapping up loose ends from many lives, they may hold such an impressive databank of past-life experience in subconscious memory, that it guides them well, though in ways they cannot name. Or harder to rationalize, but perhaps no less plausible, is how their proximity to the future gives them a keener sense of it, so they instinctively make decisions or attract opportunities that lead in the right direction. Whether it’s a past intelligence or a future one, or both, Balsamics have a gift for working in the dark.

The balsamic moon naturally contains Pisces. This increases the pain and sorrow, but also the potential for spiritual surrender, which is the only way to live a balsamic life gracefully. Suffering happens. But eventually, if a balsamic person aligns with the Truth, this blackness can truly become golden. Few are those who enter in …

So be careful with these last two lunar phases. If one’s heart is set on nothing short of true liberation, these phases are like a best friend. If not, they are very challenging for the ego that hasn’t changed its orientation towards spiritual matters.


The Balsamic Moon rises before dawn and sets mid-afternoon. This is the last phase of the moon’s cycle. People born under this phase of the moon are finishing an 8 phase cycle of lifetimes and are likely to have many very intense but short-term relationships with people, including people from other past lifetimes. Karmic ties need to be resolved with these people before moving onto the next cycle. People born under this sign usually have marked psychic abilities and are visionaries well ahead of their peers. Spiritual and intellectual activity is preferred over physical activity for those born under this phase. The Dark Moon is associated with Goddesses like Hecate, Kali and Lilith.


This is a lifetime in which large parts of the Karmic Web are dissolving. Our task is simply to accept this with grace and pure love.  The Balsamic Moon is also the Shaman’s Moon.  Those born under it will be drawn to a spiritual path early in life, for only the life of Mind and Spirit can make this life of Endings into a profoundly meaningful Journey. 

With the Balsamic Moon, the first thing we notice is that Endings – of relationships of all kinds in particular – seem more plentiful thanBeginnings.  How can this be?  The answer lies in the fact that Balsamic Moon people tend not to begin new relationships so much as they inherit them.  People tend to arrive as if they had never left, and fit in seamlessly (at first) in the Balsamic Moon person’s life.  They seem more like family, whether friends or lovers.  Jobs arrive in a similar fashion.  Very often despite the person’s chosen career or jobs, other working and training opportunities seem to simply walk in and take over.  We may “inherit” a friend from our parents, or from another friend who then disappears, leaving us with the new acquisition which may or may not have been someone you would have chosen freely.

There is thus a deeply karmic nature to these connections, and that is what makes the Balsamic Moon Phase unique – it seems designed for a Soul to work almost exclusively on tying up loose threads of old, difficult situations.  The karma involved has now ripened, in a sense, and though we may never fully understand the task, sorting through it is the main reason we have returned to Earth.

Thus we seem always to be in the Final Act of the Play, though we are as surprised as anyone to find the Play is over.  These relationships, including jobs, evaporate often as quickly as they arrived – often with somewhat dramatic Endings including death or simply disappearance.  The Balsamic Moon resonates to Scorpio, which, with its ruling planet Pluto, brings mysterious, death-like processes which cannot be intellectually grasped so much as simply lived through.

For with the Balsamic Moon, we do not seem to ever really know what was really going on, either during the relationship or when it ended.  Motives and activities of others may well remain hidden in a variety of ways, including deception we are blissfully unaware of at the time.  We may wonder for years “What ever happened in thatsituation?” only to discover through a chance conversation out of the blue, years later, and with someone only marginally involved, a missing piece of the puzzle.  We then begin anew to ponder the relationship in light of this new information.

Under a Balsamic Moon, we may certainly make new Beginnings from time to time.  But we must keep in mind that we are making a “down payment” on a next Cycle of lives.  We must not be disappointed or feel like failures if we don’t seem able to get large new projects off the ground, or keep them afloat once we do.  No energy is ever lost – all that work will fit nicely into new Currents in other lifetimes.

For now, though, we surrender to what is here, in front of us, sitting at the Window watching the River roll on, going home to the Sea, carrying so many things from our lives.  The River knows its destiny – what is leaving our lives is ready to leave.Where the River has gone, We will remain.  When those relationships and situations have gone, something new, which already feels very Old, will replace them, for a little while again.

In a strange, haunting way, the Balsamic Moon prepares us, through many small deaths, for the Death we tend to fear, of the physical body and the familiar world around us.  The Balsamic Moon brings many gifts, just as the Autumn Winds bring the possibility of fresh new Springs for the trees.

Chief among these gifts is the deepening of our perceptions, as we go through such deep Plutonic relationships, intense, short, and characterized by often strange or excruciating endings.  We ponder the true meaning of Life in those times; we understand more and more that there are indeed “Seasons”, and among these is Winter.  It is a lifetime to develop patience, tolerance, faith, and love in the face of losses, and situations which could leave one feeling lost, without a Life Plan, left with mysteries and disillusionment.  It is in coping with these that one grows strong, and at last, achieves an inner peace that is without price.

When we live, and experience deaths, under a Balsamic Moon, we are offered an entire lifetime of opportunity to come to terms with “letting go” and surrendering in absolute trust and openness to the Flow.  Gradually, we get it, that “control” is not something we actually have, and more importantly, it is not something we need.  When our time comes to leave our bodies, the person born under a Balsamic Moon will have had many rehearsals with Death and its mysterious purposes.  We will have had many opportunities to make our peace in and with many Endings. Part of this is releasing those who leave our lives with blessings, holding them close to us in forgiveness and love, giving them all the space they apparently need.  We too have needed the space, though we so often did not know why…

The Balsamic Moon teaches us that relationships are for learning, not for owning.  It goes without saying that one cannot blame a Balsamic Moon if we are so selfish and cruel that we drive everyone and everything from our lives.

Shaman’s Moon
The Balsamic Moon is also the Shaman’s Moon.  Those born under it will be drawn to a spiritual path early in life, for only the life of Mind and Spirit can make this life of Endings into a profoundly meaningful Journey. Often called to Shamanic and healing work, such individuals come to examine themselves, their patterns, and their deeper motives very closely.  And though it can be a lonely lifetime, the Balsamic Moon fits well with the enforced solitude so natural to the Shaman, who almost never chooses his or her Path but winds up walking it as another fated, destined development of this Moon. It is in the process of living under a Balsamic Moon that the Shaman becomes familiar with, and comfortable with, Death in all forms.  In surrendering to Death, we surrender also to Life, and this seems, in the End, to be the true Beginning.#


The Balsamic Moon phase represents the end of the karmic round. The mature plant is ready to let its seeds blow in the winds until they find a spot where they can grow on their own.  In an existence marked by this phase, the individual is concerned with wrapping up old projects and loose ends.  A powerful desire to rectify the misdeeds of the past can lead to preoccupation with memories of bygone days.  Such reminisces may be an unhealthy obsession, or they may enrich the soul with the essence of garnered experience.  At the same time, one may look wistfully toward the future in anticipation of a new karmic cycle and a new purpose to be undertaken under the coming new Moon…


This time is essentially one of transition, a chance to contemplate what has passed, tie up loose ends, journey inwards, and prepare for new beginnings ahead.  You have inherited the meditative and introspective characteristics of this phase and yours is a dreamy, contemplative personality. Intuitive and far-sighted, you have innate wisdom and a mystical understanding of the workings of Mother Nature and of the human condition.  For you, activity is spiritual and intellectual rather than physical.  Your experiences involve endings and passings, so you are likely to live through many changes.  Later life, rather than the earlier years, holds the key to your happiness and success...


As a Balsamic born, you could be one who seems somehow out-of-sync with the majority, one about whom it could be said “listens to the beat of a different drummer.”  You may have a sense of the prophet about you. You are sure that you have a special destiny but are not too clear on just what it is or where you are going, but you are ready to flow with it.  Many experience the Progressed Balsamic Moon period as a true “dark of the moon,” but it should not be looked upon as a fallow period when nothing is accomplished.  You will probably try several new starts in your attempt to reach out for your new cycle.  Some of them will fall by the wayside, but others — or one — will prove to be the successful conception of the new cycle.  Do not mourn for what has ended — it has served its purpose. Know that every ending is the seed of a new beginning. The wheel keeps turning...


This is a time for contemplation. I f you have gone with the flow of the previous seven steps you are ready to think about the next cycle.  There could be an empty feeling while being in transition between the past lesson and remaining hopeful for the next.  If you were born under a Balsamic Moon, you will find spiritual and intellectual activity more appealing than physical.  You may appear a dreamer while your intuition, innate wisdom and understanding of the mysteries of the world keep you slightly detached.  Your mission in life could feel bigger than you.


Moon Balsamic Phase
If you are fortunate enough to have Moon Balsamic Phase in your natal chart, it is often an indication of a very interesting and deep person. You have many past-life connections, and the people you are closest with now you have known before. Still, you are in the process of resolving many of the old issues. The people you meet help you to achieve the closure you seek. Your roots and your destiny are very important to you, and you never move too far forward without keeping one eye on your past. Friends think of you as a good listener because of your deep level of understanding and complex thoughts.

You are here on a mission and there is little in this lifetime to keep you from achieving your goals. Rich with a strong sense of purpose, you are willing to make a sacrifice for society, humanity or a great cause that you believe in. At times, your actions can even be perceived as revolutionary.


Coming into this world under a Balsamic Moon suggests this could be a very

“karmic” lifetime for you. The last phase in the lunar cycle, the Balsamic phase is

about completion; in this lifetime you may be bringing several prior lifetimes to their

conclusion. You may find yourself with a number of relationships that start quickly

and intensely, but don’t last long. These individuals may be people you have

unfinished business with – left over from past lives. Approach these sudden,

powerfully-felt relationships with an attitude of honesty and spiritual generosity.

Ask from a place deep inside yourself, “Is there anything I need to say or give to

this person?” Try to be receptive if that individual is trying to reach closure with

you. Though not always possible, the goal is to finish these karmic relationships

cleanly, with each of you being able to look the other squarely in the eye, all debts

and resentments cleared.

The Balsamic Moon appears in the waning half of the Moon’s monthly cycle. This

is a more inward and reflective period. Its focus is on the discovery of meaning.

More than most, those born here need to make sure their actions are in tune with

their personal philosophies. Whenever your life doesn’t match your belief system,

you may find that things don’t run so smoothly. Yet you are bolstered by a highly

individualistic vibration. Because you were born in the waning hemi-cycle, you

entered your first progressed New Moon period very young, which means very

early you were separating from the prevailing culture around you. The New Moon

time inspires one to view the world with fresh eyes, to move forward into some new

direction – perhaps you were too young to do this very consciously, but your body

recorded the energy nonetheless. It may be why you seemed to know your own

mind before many of your friends knew theirs. (For dates and a discussion of the

progressed New Moon, see the last section in this report.)

Because this is also the phase nearest the New Moon, the Balsamic period is also

very future-oriented. And those Balsamic-born are often quite prophetic and

visionary. Your soul has gained much experience and distilled much wisdom. You

have strong instincts about what’s worth carrying forward and what’s not, yet you

may not always know why you feel the way you do. This may have caused you to

feel like an outcast sometimes, out of step with the world around you. But most

likely, you’ve just been ahead of your time. There’s a feeling of special destiny

with Balsamic types. Early on, you might have felt you had something very

important to do, without consciously knowing exactly what that was. Given the

nighttime sky is dark during the Balsamic period, the symbolic suggestion is that

there may likewise be times when you just can’t see what’s around the corner.

That’s when you need to rely on your inner light to guide you. You will work best,

however, with some vision of the future drawing you forward. So if one goal

doesn’t work out, practice the art of letting go, and allow yourself to flow into a new

one. Appeal to your higher spiritual forces for a vision; let the spirits work through


Of course one needs some courage to be this way. Developing a strong

connection with your inner warrior may be important. During those times you feel

lost or out of step, you might actually look to the planet of action and strength for

inspiration. That planet is Mars. Some astrologers believe that working with the

position of Mars in a Balsamic’s chart, as well as the house with Scorpio on the

cusp, can help to better ground the Balsamic into their Moon phase purpose.

While such an investigation is beyond the scope of this report, if you have some

knowledge of astrology, you might want to pursue this on your own. Mars’ house

position may point to activities that are particularly on-purpose for you; aspects to

Mars may show challenge and/or support for expressing this mission.

Click to access frida-kahlo-mp.pdf


Your typical personal characteristics are: an eagerness to serve social institutions and organized groups, to bring the past to a conclusion and to sacrifice yourself for the future’s sake, to become completely identified with great ideals or causes regardless of consequences; prophetic gifts, a sense of personal destiny, of being led by superior powers, of finality in all things and in all your judgments.


Every lunar phase bestows its own special benefits to those having been born under them, but this one is probably my personal favorite — if one can even have a favorite lunar phase, that is! The Waning Crescent / Balsamic Moon is the end of the lunar phases, and it’s like a symbol of having attained total enlightenment. It’s something of a metaphor for reincarnation, with the Balsamic moon being something along the lines of an ascended master. At least, that’s my view; your mileage may vary. To learn more about what energy this lends to those born during it, please see below!

Karma Be Gone!

Ok, so, you’re still going to have plenty of karma to deal with, but you’re not going to feel weighed down by it like so many others do. You may even feel as though you’ve not got any, as though you’ve got a care in world, even. This energy will allow you to move through your life without getting tripped up by past-life imprints of an emotional or psychical nature, which is one heck of a blessing. We are always our own worst enemies when it comes to spiritual evolution, and past life imprints often get in the way. If you don’t feel bound to yours, then this could be a massive help to you.

Clear Vision

We can all see clearly under the right circumstances, but those born under a Balsamic moon are almost always capable of seeing the bigger picture, no matter what they’ve got going on at the personal level. They always know that everything is happening for a reason, that there is a purpose in everything experienced, and that everything will balance itself out eventually. If these folks are a Pisces or Cancer or Scorpio, there will likely be a very strong psychic ability just waiting to be properly developed.

For the Good of the Many

This lunar phase presents those born under it with a real sense of honor. They are willing to go without if it means others will benefit from their own personal losses. And they will not resent a moment of it, they will instead feel completely fulfilled. Depending on other aspects of the natal chart, it might take this person some time to reach this point in their own personal evolution, but are born with the ability to reach it faster than most — assuming the rest of us reach it at all! They see the bigger picture, where most of us see only what’s directly in front of our noses.



The person born during the closing or Balsamic Moon phase is the most marked of all in appearing to have the purpose and direction in life apparently co-opted by destiny; one must catch periodic waves of opportunity that are successively ridden to shore. Often one cannot stay in the career of their choice or educational background; they must adapt to whatever job or opportunity presents. Old Moon people are frequently cast as powerful players in the beginnings or endings of an enterprise, but they are often excluded from the long, peaceful mid-way stretch of an enterprise that can be more fortunate and stable.

However such a person can be extremely adept at generating wealth by entrepreneurial means, inventions, innovations or marrying well. They also can be found surviving in exotic manner without the support of conventional social structures or by operating as the powerful puppet master behind the scenes. Many either cannot tolerate permanent relationships as too confining or they live somewhat concealed under the shell of another’s persona. Some find other Old Moon or New Moon types with which to conduct a very open-ended, even spiritual type of relationship that may become primarily platonic over time.

Balsamic mooners usually don’t seem to care what conventional society thinks of them. Many render great service in some fashion, however are seldom able to garner full public acknowledgement or take much personal credit for what they do. Unfortunately, some born in this phase use the accumulated genius of lifetimes to pull off a major crime or engineer some sophisticated form of atrocity. Either way, these individuals do indeed seem to lead “fated lives” during which any major areas of neglect in body, soul, life experience or relationship should be addressed or major troubles are sure to follow. Whatever has been avoided, abandoned or subject to abuse is to be healed and released or served out through some element of sacrifice. Seeds are also being sown towards the commencement of a new cycle in evolutionary experience working on a new theme of soul development. Famous examples of Balsamic Moon people include financial trader-swindler Bernie Maddox, communist philosopher Karl Marx and Camilla Parker-Bowles, second wife of Prince Charles of England.


Balsamic Moon
This is the final phase of the lunation cycle, the moon is now 315 -359 degs ahead of, or 45 – 1 deg behind the Sun. Everything is now ending and the energy has been spent. This is the time for reflection and introspection, for gathering strength for the ‘new’. This personality type may appear much more retiring and quiet than the rest of the chart would suggest. The Balsamic type is reflective and would prefer to sit back and observe the world around him/her, than be an active participant, most of the time. This type needs time out, to withdraw from the world periodically and recharge the batteries for the next round. They are remarkably resilient and can cope with most things that life throws their way. If they aren’t, they won’t complain to you about it. Quiet achievers, balsamic personality types will just get on and do, they don’t postulate or make a big song and dance, if something needs doing they will do it. There is a sense of anticipation with this phase, a feeling that something better is just around the corner. This type can become more successful later in life and they can be attracted to the more spiritual side of life. They need their solitude and quiet times to collect their thoughts.


Associated Goddess ~ THE GODDESS KUAN YIN

BALSAMIC MOON: 45-0 degrees behind Sun): You are future oriented with a sense of mission. You may be required to make personal sacrifices to achieve glory. 

Balsamic Moon Types

The lunar phase we are born under shows our personality type, our potential and ultimate purpose in life. Each lunar phase is determined by the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. I was born under the Balsamic Phase of the Moon that is during the dark of the Moon which is the phase after the last quarter Moon. I share this phase with such luminaries as Bob Dylan, Dane Rudhyar, Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. In fact it was Dane Rudhyar who wrote the seminal work ‘The Lunation Cycle: A Key to the Understanding of Personality‘.

Demetra George

Demetra George outlines the different lunar phases and their properties in her book ‘Finding our Way Through The Dark The Lunation Cycle‘. The Balsamic Moon is known as the dark of the Moon as it vanishes completely from sight. Demetra says that the Balsamic Phase personality is often the most complex of all the Moon Phase types and it is one of the significators of a karmic life time since they straddle the past and the future. This endows  the Balsamic Moon phase people with visionary qualities which give them the gift of prophecy. Balsamic Phase types experience an intense or fateful quality in their various relationships. During the Balsamic phase of the cycle people encounter all their previous partners with whom there exists unfinished karmic business. They are being given opportunity to reconcile old differences and heal broken hearts with their loved ones over life times. By doing this they can infuse loving kindness, decency and acceptance into the seed of the flower to bloom in future times.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Balsamic relationships are a means to something larger than the relationship itself; they serve a purpose where in full consciousness between the past and the future, some pattern that is working out over a longer span of time, can be resolved and transformed. Once each relationship has been taken as far as within the context of the perimeters of the particular lifetime, it ends since there are so many more partners to re-encounter with whom there also exist commitments.

Of all the phases, balsamic people are most moved by a feeling of special destiny. They have a sense of urgency that there is something important that they must do in this life. The Balsamic Phase destiny is to serve as a vehicle through which the wisdom of the past can become part of the seed of the future. Their mission is to leave behind a legacy to others and may accept sacrifice so that they can release the seed ideas to assist the future. The Balsamic Phase destiny is to teach in the largest sense of the word. I can certainly relate to all of the above, especially in the area of relationships.

Bob Dylan


The last phase is the BALSAMIC phase or the DARK MOON phase. Its astrological aspect is the SEMISQUARE and is represented in degrees between 315 to 360.

The keyword is adjustment. The plant now accepts its end of existence knowing it will go to a different form to assist another life. It is this phase that represents the bridge between that which was and that which will be. Those born during this time are finishing AN eight phase cycle of lifetimes. This lifetime without a doubt is a KARMIC one.

The relationships a balsamic moon person encounters will be all consuming albeit short term with those from their past life times. These relationships are in need of resolution before moving on to the next phase.

Balsamic people often are visionaries, seeing years in advance of their times. Because of this they may be recluse in childhood and adulthood. Because of their ability to identify the situation, understand it, then take it to the essence of being, they are able to help others to be aware of it as well. The Dark Moon people make excellent counselors.

Bottom line their mission is to communicate the essential wisdom and knowledge so it will germinate at the next Lunation cycle.



Heart Sutra For the Balsamic Moon


Finally, there is the waning Crescent or Balsamic Phase. If you were observing the Moon on the day you were born, you would have to be up in the early hours just before dawn, since the thin sliver of Moon is only visible in the last hour or two before sunrise. This phase represents the last stage of letting go of karmic debts, of settling your spiritual accounts, and of consolidating your gains from this cycle before its end. Many of the lessons you encounter will be about endings, taking leave, and moving onward, and you may find yourself getting restless if you stay too long in one place, or with one person. (Or that could just be me, this is the phase I was born under.)




Sources Various…as marked..All material Copy ad Pasted.


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  2. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing. I’m wondering if you could shed some light as I’m getting conflicting answers: I was born when the moon was completely dark. As I understand it the Dark Moon is part of the Balsamic Moon phase. But it’s confusing bc it’s called the New Moon but is entirely dark so it feels somewhat in between like neither or? And all of the content I’m finding is somewhat varied. Also, is “Waning Crescent” the same as Balsamic?
    Thanks in advance and I so appreciate the knowledge you’ve imparted here.


    • A.D. says:

      Hi RR, thanks. I am not an expert, I collated the info as I am born in the balsamic moon and wanted to know. Usually you can look up tables that tell you the time of the new moon on your birth date. If you were born after that time, you would be new moon, but with influence I would imagine from the dark moon. If before, and that includes up to about 3 days before, you can say balsamic moon.
      best Wishes


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    Thank you for the insight – seems quite on point. But it’s just really lonely…


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    GREA GREAT piece….thank you!!!! I read the entire blog and it is extremely helpful at this time in my life 🙂

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    And now I´ve come to the point in my life when I realized that everything goes the right way..
    The relationships I had and whom I never truly understood,for instead why I am not able to have a stable relationship?! Now I´ve got it.
    When I was very young I did not want to be someone famous or to be rich,instead I wanted to go to Africa to help children and later I wanted to be nun. I was too young so it was not possible for me to do that.What I never thought about were professions as politician,laywer or doctor,these just didn´t fit to my personality.
    I have always known that there is something bigger and all I wanted was to go with that flow of motion. But now it all has its sense.
    Finally I understand why my inner feelings were always right and how is possible to come through so many deaths and still be alive in this world.I survived so many endings that were literally moribund and always come thrugh them alive.
    Another thing is my intuition that has never failed me. I did not listen to her all the time even when I somehow knew that I should and that will never happen in the future from now.
    And that thing about that visions? It was like unbelievably accurate to me! Once, I had one terrible dream that a few hours later became the true one! It really happened but I was too confused and scared that I just did not want to admit it. I know that it may seem a little crazy but it really is! All I have to say is that I finally understand, Therefore to you, big thank you ! 🙂

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    I too was born during a Balsamic Moon, and all along I related all my life altering experiences and all the other freaky, beautiful things in between to my Aqua Sun/Moon and the planets and there aspects in my 12th house, I read all that you had shared A.D on the Balsamic Moon last night, and its just given a much needed confirmation about so many, many things. I am still digesting it all and just want to thank for you sharing that. Divine Synchronicity strikes again.

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  7. I hear each and every word hear in my dark heart. It makes so much sense why the full moon cases so much angst. The perfection of this thing we do will never cease to amaze me. Thank you 🙂

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  8. I am a balsamic moon and I want this is my last incarnation on Earth! I do not want to come back here for a new cycle of learning, as there are so many other places that I want to travel to and learn from throughout the universe, and I remember many other dimensions and worlds too! So maybe a balsamic moon is also a volunteer soul, who came to help awaken others! I’ve learned my lessons, have completed my karma; and have always helped others, nature, and nurtured and gave birth to my creative and spiritual gifts.. so it is time to move on when I transition…I never felt that I was from here anyhow, even though I have great understanding, compassion and love.


    • A.D. says:

      Hi Bridget. I was born at balsamic moon too….as we write to each other today the moon wanes to dark also. I am not concerned about returning or not…I like the Bodhisattwa ideal of remaining until all souls are free from suffering. The one aspect I struggle with re balsamic birth is the regular goodbyes….all the loose ends being tied up with beautiful people I would like to spend more time with, but somehow life has other plans. Best Wishes.


      • I like that ideal too :), yet I think that we can help alleviate suffering where ever we may be, in whatever dimension or world, or part of source that we are experiencing, at any moment, as we are all interconnected and influence each other by our vibrations and energy: thoughts, feelings and actions. I’ve had so many goodbyes too, and can emote with you, and in the early part of my life, I found it hard to let go.. yet now I accept this as the part of transiency and the ever-changing moment. No one ever really leaves us, as they are part of our love, and the universes too! And, as a balsamic, certain people from our past will come back to us, during conjunctions to our South karmic node, and that is throughout life, even if those moments are brief! I think non-attachment is the key to understanding: The only certainty we get in life is that things change and that we die -transition- and that love is the pulse of source! Do not mourn endings, as when one door closes, another always opens; every moment is an opportunity for growth! 🙂 blessings to you, h


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