Spain Turns Left

Spain Turns Left.

With all the fear-mongering about the rise of the right in Europe, it is interesting to see that the people of Southern Europe are turning to the left to combat the rise of global corporatism. It is not a quick or easy solution to an increasingly federalised Europe, going by the evidence of the emasculation of Syriza by the EU over the past year.…

Nonetheless, I find it hopeful that the citizens look towards people power and left-wing grass roots movements when put to the pin of their collar, rather than turning en masse to the radical right.

Of course Podemos will have secured a lot of the youth vote, a great percentage of whom are unemployed. This youth who have been rendered economically powerless in so much of Mediterranean Europe (and Ireland) will be the influential force of the future across the continent – I think it is useful that they have learned the limits of the capitalist system and of crude, cruel economics as a defining force in a life, by means of their very personal trials of fire.

Congratulations to Podemos and the people of Spain.

Tsipras says in a statement that “austerity has been politically defeated in Spain,” adding that the results is vindication for those opposed to the tax hikes and spending cuts and a sign that “Europe is changing!”

Rajoy’s party won the election but fell far short of the majority it currently has and with few if any options to forge alliances with others to stay in power in a coalition or as a minority government.

Tsipras and his Syriza party are allies of Spain’s far left Podemos, run by pony-tailed political science professor Pablo Iglesias.

Podemos came in third in Spain’s election, winning 69 seats in Spain’s 350-member lower house of parliament.…


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