Alkalising the Body

Here is a non-complete list of ways to alkalise the body…there are more, but these are the first to consider…

Drink enough bland fluids, i.e. water or herbal tea

Take the juice of half a lemon every morning first thing in warm water.

Reduce red meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, salt. All of these things are not bad per se..even Sugar has healing properties (it is moistening for the body, for example, and is a pain-reliever and mood-enhancer), but just take less. Any excess protein acidifies the blood.

The most alkalising foods are in general fruits, vegetables, sprouts, cereal grasses and blood-cleansing herbs like nettle tea. Alfalfa sprouts are especially good. Leafy Green Vegetables are best of vegetables. Cherries and Figs are specifically and strongly alkalising. Carrots are very alkaline-forming. Celery, especially the juice, works to de-acidify blood quickly.

Chew all food, but especially carbohydrates, really well, as Saliva is very alkaline-forming. Grains tend to be acidic but they are good for the body as wholefoods, so just chew well. Millet and roasted Buckwheat are unusual grains, in that they are alkalising.

Soy products are alkalising. This includes Miso. Butter (lima) Beans are also alkalising.

Seaweeds are alkalising, and they also detoxify the Liver and improve Liver Chi,

Almonds are the only Nut that is alkalising. They also are said in Ayurveda to build Ojas, which is the vital essence (jing) of the body. generally the skins are not recommended, (although they are astringent and thus help some people with damp conditions). So, soak overnight in cold water and peel off skins.

Exercise and de-stressing alkalises the blood. Positive thinking is linked to alkalinity.

You can find a list of alkalising food here at this site too..



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