Human Givens

This is a book I found very influential on my way for thinking…for better or worse! It really changed my way of thinking about dreams. In some ways it removes the mystique from dreaming because dreams are seen as undischarged emotional energy from recent times, that use building blocks to create metaphors from the things we have seen or thought (even obliquely) in the previous short time span. He does agree that there ARE prophetic or visionary dreams, but like Aristotle holds that these are fairly rare. Aristotle said most  dreams can be related to the contents of the person’s life and not to something existing outside of the personal psyche. It is not romantic, I suppose, in that it makes dreams a bit mechanical, but it still tells one about what is undischarged emotionally in the life. I find it points out ”root issues” that i am not dealing with by making them into dreams.

I also find it fun to recall where i saw the items in my dreams over the previous few days. It could have been a glimpse of a picture on a screen or the side of a bus, or the smallest nub of a flash of a thought which was then used by my subconscious to populate the dreamworld. I find even colours and smells and sensations from dreams can be related to a fairly short time frame prior to a dream. In this way you actually start to become more aware of the mind’s processes, a sort of meditation, because you see them ”twice” sometimes; once, in waking life, and then the second time turned into a metaphor in a dream. There can be strange connections. If i saw a picture of a zebra two days ago in a flash, i might (for example) see an animal in a dream  that has a ringed tail that catches my attention ..and it is to do with the stripes. It can deal with subtle emotions too….the briefest thought of self-hatred or doubt played out in a dream like a play…but if you look back you can find the undischarged thought from the few days before hand.

Anyways. It’s a good book. I went to meet Joe Griffin because I was so impressed with it. He is a nice, sincere man.  He is a hypnotherapist. I found to my amazement that he was living in a new house built on the ruins of the ancient cottage I was born in. 🙂 Life is weird. He has written another book which i am half-way through called ”Godhead”. It is also good but i am being a lazy reader..i must finish it!!!

In this book Human Givens he also wrote about The Rewind Technique ~ which is a pretty good method, i have found,to move trauma from the amygdala to the neocortex. I have put up a description of it here….


Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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