Winter Panacea Recipe

I found this recipe in 1988 in an old tattered book on Ayurveda that I found in a library in London. At the time I was working 7 nights a week ~ 8pm to 8 am ~ in McVitie’s biscuit factory in Harlesden, trying to save enough money to go to India. My job for 12 hours a night was to sit in front of a large white conveyor belt which had chocolate-covered digestive biscuits lined up in infinite rows and columns, and with a long flat wooden spatula I had to turn over any biscuits that were lying face down. Because of the mesmeric quality of the work I was in a trance most of the time.

Then, influenza hit. Everyone in the factory was laid low. The people whose house I was staying in were in bits. Everyone was sick as dogs. It was a wretched dose. I could not afford to get sick. Miraculously, I found an Indian book witha  picture of Dhanwantari on the cover and inside was this recipe. I used it and felt as well as I have ever felt and it is my fall-back recipe for burning off illness whenever it is needed. It is practically magical.


1 tablespoon of Fenugreek seeds.

1 – 2 teaspoons of grated ginger.

7 – 9 whole black peppercorns.

(Note on Black Peppercorns: In Ayurveda Black Pepper is considered highly stimulating to sexual drive, so celibates are advised to use no more than 7 peppercorns but sexually active people can use a whole 9!)

Boil up these ingredients in a pot with 2 cups of water and simmer until only 1 cup of liquid remains. Add a quantity of this liquid to your ordinary beverages (tea or so on). You can use up to 3 to 4 doses per day from this batch and make fresh each day. Your sweat will begin to smell like ginger and fenugreek. Ginger is considered a Universal Medicine in Ayurveda.

Hope this helps if ever you need it.



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