Good Juice for Good Health

Good Juice for Good Health

Wash but don’t peel, and then Juice 1 beetroot, 1 carrot and 1 apple, and drink everyday. Add some lemon juice if you like. Boosts immune system within a couple of weeks.

It is reputedly strongly anti-carcinogenic. It is known in modern times as ‘The Miracle Drink’.

From an Ayurvedic point of view these are the qualities of the ingredients…


Strengthens heart, sedates nervousness, purifies and cleanses blood, stimulates circulation by widening blood vessels, detoxifies liver and thins bile, regulates hormones. Silicon rich. Very alkaline. Plus high quantities of lutein and other ingredients makes it healing for the eyesight, prevents macular degeneration.


Strengthens lungs, and spleen-pancreas. Benefits Liver. Eliminates putrefaction in the digestive tract. Kills worms. Very alkaline-forming. Clears acidic blood conditions like arthritis an acne. Dissolves tumours. Folk remedy against cancer ~ High Vitamin A fight carcinogens. Eases coughs. Regulates hormones. Increases nursing mother’s milk. Don’t over-consume if kidneys are weak.


Reduces heat in body. Moistens all systems. Especially lungs. Malic and Tartaric acid in apples inhibit bad bacteria in intestinal tract. Pectin removes cholesterol in vascular system, and also removes heavy ,metals and toxins from body. Remedy for low blood pressure and depression.


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