Trapping Notes. Part Five.

Francesca Inspyx. 71.206.491.610

The Global Record.        Friday, October 23, 2128


single rose

I walked alone to the theatre for the first time in many, many years last night. The moon was almost full, in all its regal splendour despite the street-lights.  The air was crisp but dry. The sidewalks, can you believe it!, were utterly pleasant. People greeted me as I passed them by and I replied with my own salutations. New York city was civilised last night, at least that portion of it through which I journeyed. Extraordinary!


The play itself was no great shakes, I have to report. A maudlin thing called ‘I And I’ that has come from the East. Physically spectacular of course ~ these young oriental actors are so acrobatic ~ but nonetheless the overall effect of the performance left me disquieted.


But to stroll about on my own streets! To lay claim once more to the sidewalks of this metropolis has been such a pleasure. A young man sold me a single-stemmed rose as I ambled past him, brought in, he claimed, on a slab of ice from Europe. The last time I saw a rose I was a very small child, and that was a long time ago. It sits now, slowly unfolding, in a vase before me.


Hostilities have ceased along the Mediterranean, although too late unfortunately for the poor burghers and relics of Tunis, Ismir, Rome and Cannes. There have been no further sorties through northern Africa, nor through the Middle Eastern enclaves. A strange and unexpected silence has bloomed where so recently there had been such unstoppable rage. Peace, perhaps, shows signs of dropping slow.


It is inexplicable, just as the sudden calm on the city streets is inexplicable. No treaties. No negotiations. No bartering of arrangements. Merely a spontaneous laying aside of arms. As though a delirious mist of forgetfulness has encircled the globe.


The Guardians of The Committee have not given any explanation for this departure, although why their reserve should surprise anyone is beyond me. Their plenary sessions, over the past week, have been poorly attended, and a formal summit due to convene yesterday in Anchorage to implement further global tax and excise measures was cancelled at the last minute.


Despite this the globe keeps spinning, and I, I shall walk out tonight to dine with a couple of long time companions in a bijou Ethiopian restaurant that is two blocks away from my apartment. Yes Darlings. I did say walk. Can you believe it? What larks!


Francesca Inspyx 71.206.491.610

First Violin (Maestro)

New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Daniel Xonedu 71.206.373.272 is on temporary leave


Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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