I have invented you & you have invented me.

”Everything in the Universe is within You. Ask all from yourself”


mongolian children


I have invented You and You have invented Me.

This applies to the people in our real worlds, our children, our lovers, our families, our friends, our neighbours, the strangers we encounter as we move through the world, but it applies most especially to those we meet online. Our unseen friends. We have not yet seen each others body language, nor have we registered the electromagnetic pulse from the depths of the heart. And even when we do with those flesh and blood people in our lives we are still inventing them. I have invented you and you have invented me. This is good news and bad news. Or, to be non-dualistic about it, this is exciting news and helpful news.

Invent means to find or discover, to come upon.

All the Good that I have invented in you has come from the Wellspring of my own heart ~ it is Me. And all the bad I imagine I perceive in You dwells in the corridors of my own mind. When I invent you, I recognise you. You recognise me. We recognise an unspoken truth.

Your exasperating tendencies are my own.

My weakness and fragility is yours, projected.

Your good heart, your wisdom, your kindness is my very own Self.

My arrogance is your shadow.

I cannot see anything in you for which I have not already furnished a room in my mind.

You cannot judge anything in me for which you do not already nurse a fear in your heart.

If I am in awe of your experience, it is only because I too am experienced. If I find you wise, it is because I have wisdom.

If you are annoyed at my foolishness, it is only because you too incubate your own fool.

And what is even more splendid is that I have invented me, and you have invented you.

And this is an ongoing organic invention, composed of the stories we are telling ourselves and limited only by the edges we put on infinity.

We may enter a forest of confusion later on, but when I first invent you and when you first invent me, we are seeing the truth.

And it is to that truth we will eventually come home.

man before sea


~ anandajyoti


Generally just Being. Nothing in particular, no claims to fame. I like gardening and the sea, nature, art in all forms from poetry to films and everything in between, and being in the company of my family.

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2 comments on “I have invented you & you have invented me.
  1. panohpan says:

    any idea who owns the photo of the five mongilian children?


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